Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Finally! It is over..for now.

I have finally finished nine, supposedly daily entry journal in 11 hours. I know this does not seem like much work, but in that 11 hours, I have to minus 3 hours 45 minutes for class, 30 minutes for bathing, an hour for walking around campus, 30 minutes for grabbing a snack, and the rest is for my journal.

Now now, it might still seem like an easy task, but did I mention that for each entry, I have to read an article, which have an average of 14 pages with FREAKING TINY FONTS! And also, I have to take notes while reading. Like that is not enough work, I have to sit there and actually reflect on that paper and write a short reflective paragraph which takes up at least an half an hour to come up.

Now, repeat that process for another eight times, and you have my journal entries.

Well, it is probably my fault cause I was suppose to write those entries a month ago, but I accumulate till the very last minute.

This was were I was sitting for all these hours. My view from my computer in the library.

Anyway, to top it off, I had a performance piece I had to come up with as well. I had to come up with a theme, a thought provoking message, a script and practices with lighting and props.

We went from this classroom... this center.

Pretty nice huh? It is definitely a different change of scenery. Our prof. made it really professional like that.

I am not going to go in detail with my performance cause I will just bore you to tears. Rough summary: About GLBT (Gay, Lesbians, Bisexuals, and Transsexuals for those of you who don't know what this means). Talk about my own encounter with GLBT and what were my thought. Yada yada. The end.

Anyway, I just took these pictures while I was waiting for the shuttle.

Loved the weather. Not too cold, just chilly and windy.

Finally, I'm gonna end my post by asking you guys, "What do you think this is?"


clem said...

haha i'm interested to know about your encounter!

that last pic, dunnola look like a magnified version of a large insect-eating plant.

Dwee said...

It was a hard performance to come up with cause I had to make up quite a number of encounter in my performance. But I think I did alright. =P

Haha! Looks hideous doesn't it. You wouldn't believe the price of this stupid piece of art!