Wednesday, October 22, 2008

It just hit me

It hasn't been till recently that I realize that my grades are dropping.

Maybe it is because of all the time I spent on anime and not much on studying.

Or maybe it is because I always do last minute studying (and I really mean last minute, like few hours before exam/assignment/quiz) and it is not as effective as I think.

Or maybe it is because whenever I get a good grade on a previous test/assignment/quiz or from my previous semester, I thought I would do as well. So I end up not putting that much effort in studying.

Or maybe.. I dunno. I am not certain what the reason is.

One thing I am certain though, I need to put a lot more effort in my studies this last half of the semester if I want to maintain my GPA and for some other reasons I rather not say out loud.

Let this be my declaration to all about my change of attitude and most importantly, a reminder to myself. I just hope I am not too late.


jessieloi said...

hey darling. stay focused. I am trying my best to stay focused too.

a little worried bout my studies right now. but trying my best. you too k!

both of us must gambateh!

Dwee said...

Sigh~ I am trying my best. But what gets me the most is when everything bad that has happened, I could fix it if I was more motivated.