Sunday, October 12, 2008

Joke of the day

Once I heard this, I HAD to share it with you guys. It is another piece of evidence to show how 'stupid' my sister can be at times.

I called her yesterday to wish her luck on her PMR ma. Then after talking for a loooooooooong time, she passed the phone to my mum. This was when my mum told me the joke. My mum was laughing and she said my sis did something damn cha dou.

My sis was texting with her friend. They were chatting and her friend ask if my sis has transport to god knows where. Then my sis said don't have cause my mum has to work. Her friend was curious I guess, cause everytime ask my sis about transport also say "mum working." Then her friend asked,

Friend: Ooo. Your mum working as what wor?
Being the blur Amanda she is..

She works at a porn shop.


LOLX!!!!! My sister is damn funny lo. Let me show you a picture of my mum.

Imagine my mum working at a PORN shop!! Hahahahaha!!! Choi!

p/s: Just so you know. My mum doesn't work at a porn shop. She works at a PAWN shop. Hehe!!

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