Thursday, October 2, 2008

Shopping is women's best friend

I am no shopaholic but I am a woman/girl. So it is not surprising that I would love shopping. Especially the type where I do not have to pay for anything I buy.

It is not a lot but I went out with my dad yesterday to Miromar Outlet near my university and got 2 pairs of wedges(i think they are called wedges) and 2 small bottles of nail polish. ^^

Let me show you.





The 1st pair(Nine West) is $49.99 but there was a sale, so it dropped to $29.99. Then they have this sale where you "Buy One Get One 50% Off" and after the 50% discount, it cost $14.99 only!

This pair was $59.99 and cause there was a sale, it now only cost me $34.99 ^^

Aren't they nice?? I love them!! One thing I like about shopping in America is the sale they have every now and then. It is like they have a sale every month or something. But of course, I shouldn't convert the money back la.

Of course I am not gonna put such dark color on my finger nails. I bought these two nail polish for my toes ^^

And just an advise for you people out there, if you want to get good nail polish, you should get O.P.I. Their nail polishes are really really good. I am one of their satisfactory customer ^^

See! Prove. Picture doesn't does it justice though. They are much nicer in real live.

I think I am being affected by the culture here la. I see everyone painting their toe nails until I also want to paint liao.

Totally unrelated to the topic on top, I just want to mention a bit about this guy I talked to last post. Hmm, I think I might be a little bias about him la. Maybe I am just quite irritated by him at times and feel very awkward so I don't like it when he hugs me. But I guess it is not that much of a big deal.

Anyway, I have a performance for my "Performing Culture" class this coming Monday. It will be about GLBT. Wish me luck!

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