Thursday, October 30, 2008

I need a life, badly!

I got friends that ask me lo, "Eh Audrey, why you don't post the parties you go to when you in US one? I always here you say play computer and study only. Like nerd la."

The problem is, I don't go to parties. Cause they mostly require me to drink and I don't. So, when I don't drink, people here kinda look at me funny. Harder to mix around la.

And since I don't have a life besides studying, surfin' the net and watching anime, I can only provide lame pictures.

I took these bunch of pictures when I was in my 8am class yesterday. It shows the journey from my class all the way back to my room. Real lame. Sorry, I don't have a life. Hehe!

Hehe! Was taking picture of my ring during class lecture.

This stupid guy put his leg up so high till I can't see the professor lo. Rude much!!

Anyway, from here on, these are pictures of the hallway and what I see along the way when I walk to the shuttle.

Hehe! I met my ex roommate and forced her to take a pic with me. =P

I really really like this picture. There was this time when I was walking pass this place (we call it breeze walk), I suddenly stopped because it was mesmerizing. The wind was blowing, clear sky, sun was out, freshness of the morning.. just perfect.

This is a pic from the library entrance. Close up on the fountain. Well, not much of a fountain though.

This door leads to subway and taco bell.

It's empty here cause it is 9 in the morning. Usually it is so packed and noisy that you can't even hear yourself think.

A pic of taco bell's product. Had my first since I came back from Malaysia. Damn delicious!

After I got on the shuttle, this is the North Lake Village campus area which I live in.

The End. LOLX!!! Lame hor. It was funny though when I was taking all these pictures. Everyone were looking at me like I was crazy cause I kept walking and stopping every 20 steps I take to snap a pic. There was this guy who was walking towards my direction saw me snapping a picture at his direction. Then I heard him say to his friend, "How do I look?" LOLX!!! Dunno whether he knew I heard him or not.

Since no SS partner like Jess and Xin Min here, this will have to do. Will try to get a life soon.


jessieloi said...

OMG your campus soo beautiful. Actually mine not bad also lah, at least I have a lake haha.

Eh you so short still sit behind! sit in front lah. or you can tell tht budak "escuse me, if you haven't noticed I am not THAT tall"

question! wht do you guys use to open your apartment door? card?

kh said...

how dare you... you've forgotten my name...
same here ... thats why i hang out with foreign students because they all dont drink.... well i do have a couple of jap friends though...not often meet cos different course = different building...

ok i'm going to do the same thing one like you ... walk home from class...

and uh... i might go back to KL in feb. march... interested?

Dwee said...

Haha! Thanks. But don't you notice too much nature around. What to do. I'm in an environmental school. Very pentingkan recycling stuff and etc. I also got lake. At least 3 here. Just that from where I am walking, I can't see them.

LOLX!!! I am actually six row from the front le. There is like around 8 more rows behing me. Just that I find the bloody guy very rude.

Hmm, when I 1st got to this uni, we use our student id to open the door. But now they change it to key cause alot of people keep locking themselves out and very mahfan for our RA.

Haha! I made it vague cause I have some other friends who asked me that question too. Sigh. But if I mix with the china girls, very weird la. I only can get along really well with one of my singapore fren. But I can't go disturb him all the time.

Haha! You normally fly home from class ka?

Baka!! My spring semester till april la. How to go back? Back are you gonna stay there till may or june?

jessieloi said...

haha like here. except tht not so canggih lah. they used to use those push-to-lock doors. so usually you have lock first then close your door. ppl kept locking themselves out. hahah i think i would too.

but they changed it edi.

your toilet looks like a hotel's toilet!

hL said...

u have taco bell and subway in ur uni!!!!

u nerds dont deserve it!


Dwee said...

LOLX!!! I sure lock myself out one if like that. But since they changed to the key thing, I not use to it. So I locked myself out the first week of semester. So embarrassing.

Haha! I'm starting to feel abit proud of my bathroom too. But the roommate I am sharing the bathroom with doesn't know how to take care of the cleanliness. So frustrating!

Haha! Shaddap! I not nerd lo! I rather be nerd than be a weird 'lion/tiger/cat/kitty/pussy/wateva-you-were-acting-as" lo!