Thursday, December 25, 2008

Merry Christmas!

#1. Me acting adorable. Adorable le? Hehe!

I know I am a bit late for Christmas, but my internet connection has been screwing with me the whole day.

Anyway, I went out for shopping during Christmas eve (yesterday) since my dad had a day off. Not really shopping shopping. More like walking around. Although, I did buy something.

We went to the shopping mall my near my dad's place because I had to go to the post office to send a textbook all the way to Utah. I just started selling my used textbook on ebay now cause sometimes my uni's bookstore won't buy it back (new editions coming out or smth).

Do you know how expensive my books are? There is this Introduction to Marketing textbook that I need to buy for next semester and it cost $149. And that is the price for the used book. Don't even get me started on my other books. There is an average of $70+ for EACH! And I need 5 of those next semester. Not to mention, when I sell them back to my uni's bookstore, I only get back like 20 bucks or smth. Sometimes lesser!

So, after two years of buying my books from my uni's bookstore, I finally decided to get them online for a MUCH cheaper price. That $149 book, I got it for only $45 on ebay. If I were to get my books from in the bookstore, it would have cost me $400-500, but now I only have to pay $199 for them. Isn't that great?!?!

Getting way off topic here. But there is a point to all this. I promise.

Then I thought, "Hey! If other people are selling them online for a much cheaper price, why don't I do so with some of mine too? Earn much more than what the bookstore is paying for too." And that is why now I am selling mine online. I already sold half my books back to the bookstore, so I am selling the other half online now. And I sold a book yesterday! A day after I posted it online, someone bought it!

So, I went to the post office down in Naples, where my dad lives and send the book off to its new owner. Which brings me back to the shopping mall I was talking about down in Naples.

I've never shown you shopping malls in Florida before hor? Well, the one near my campus is an outdoor type. This one in Naples is indoor though. And it only has one floor and no cinema.

#2. Food court. We were too hungry so we settle for food court.

#3. My lunch. It taste much better than it looks.




#7. You see that guy in orange behind me? He goes to the same uni as me. I met him at Give Kids the World (the place where I volunteered last year). I was taking a picture in the perfume store then realize that he was standing right behind me. Surprisingly he remembers me as well. Haha!

#8. It is Christmas after all. Have to take at least one pic with the Christmas tree right?

#9. Forever 21. I've never fancy that place but went in anyway. Found two tops that were so cute but didn't buy.

#10. I know it looks funny but I wanted to try it on. It is too big for me anyway. They ran out of S size.

#11. I really really love this one. But it is $22.80 and they only have it in khaki. Should I have gotten it?

#12. These were the two things that I actually bought.

#13. Perfumes. One for myself and one for my roommate.

She got me a Christmas present too. So it is only appropriate that I got her one as well. Besides, I got it at a very good deal. *whispers* $55 for both bottles.*whispers* Hehe! They are quite big bottles you know. It was suppose to be $65, but my dad said I should bargain. And with his help, we got that price. He wanted to push it for $50 some more. My dad always known for his fierce face and he was bargaining. You should have seen the sales lady. Poor gal.

#14. Note for Michelle.

Later, we went to Target to get my groceries.

#15. Target. The neon lights are suppose to on but they were closing early cause it was Christmas eve.




#19. Look at my dad's face. Fierce hor.

Some more you guys always say my face so serious in some pics. It was just cause I didn't smile. See my dad's face la. I think my mum's face also pretty fierce sometimes when she doesn't smile.

#20. See! Runs in the family.







Didn't get to buy at all. Stupid Target in Naples did not have anything I wanted. Waste our time only rushing up and down.

That's about it. The only thing I did for Christmas. Didn't do anything today but sat in front of my laptop and watched Mamma Mia! GREAT movie! Love most of the songs! Especially Honey Honey, and When It Is All Said and Done.

Well, I hope you guys had a great Christmas and enjoy year 2008 cause it is coming to a closing chapter. 2009 awaits.

Merry Christmas everybody!


Happy 3.4 Anniversary Darling!!


jessieloi said...

you look taaal in picture #19. Hahahaha.

merry christmas and a happy new year!

Dwee said...

What are you talking about? I am always 'tall!' Haha!