Thursday, December 11, 2008


Finally!! It is over. The performance went alright. Had a lot of fun. I think the Tuesday's group had more people in the audience than we did.

People said it was good. I don't know whether it was just to make us feel better, or they really mean it. Oh well. When I get the video of the performance, I'll upload it, then you tell me what you think k?

Notice: This is going to be a long post and there are a lot of pictures. You have been warned!

After the performance, Valerie (one of my classmate) dropped Alyssa and I at SoVi (the place where I work) for dinner. I was starving like hell!!

#1. Alyssa and I

I asked Chris's 'brother', who was in the car, to take a picture of us. I could hear Chris in the car saying, "Audrey.." Haha!!!

#2. Alyssa trying to be seductive??

We(Alyssa and I) were suppose to work today. Had the performance, so we asked Kareem to cover for us. It is nice to work on campus, cause we get to eat free food some times. Don't tell anyone though. =P

Another advantage is, we get to eat food that is not on the menu. Unfortunately, the food today sucked. Ashley is so nice though!! She made chicken with teriyaki sauce for me even if it is not on the menu. Love her! Hehe!

After eating, I went around bothering everyone while they were cleaning (we got to stay in SoVi even after the place was closed. We are just that special).

Haha! I made them take pictures with me. I love working on Thursdays. Such a great bunch of people. Makes work so much more pleasant than *ahem* Friday *ahem*

#3. Me, Alyssa and Ashley

#4. Alyssa, me and Ashley

#5. Celestine, Alyssa, me, Carter, and Ashley

#6. Alyssa and I

#7. Ashley and Alyssa. LOLX!!! No idea what Alyssa was trying to do.

As you can see, they were cleaning. Sorry guys. But I am capturing beautiful memories here. We might not be able to work together next semester.

#8. Carter and Ashley

#9. Alyssa

#10. Drew, Kareem, Carter, Jeremy, Alyssa, Ashley and me.

I love this picture!! It is not easy getting everyone to take the pic. I look horrible though. That is because stupid Carter put a cloth on my head and Jeremy was trying to block my face. Had to watch the timer and stop them from making me look like a fool at the same time!

After that, we pretty much just played around. Alyssa, and I were under the ice attack from Drew, Carter and Kareem. They were throwing ice(and a bunch of other stuff) at us.

Then we left to wait for the shuttle. We got bored, so..

#11. Guess who?

#12. Alyssa and I. haha!

Now, try and guess what Alyssa was doing.





Haha! She was trying to hitch hike or something. Anyway, we were waiting for the shuttle for at least 15 minutes. Walking was not an option.

Later, there were three person who just came back from god-knows-where and told us that the shuttle stopped working at 9p.m. And it was already 9 something that time.

Luckily one of the guy, Miles, was nice enough to give us a ride back to North Lake. Thanks Miles!

#17. Alyssa wanted to show that we got a ride. Lolx!! Maybe her hitchhiking thing worked. God knows.

#18. LOLXXX!!!! Miles.

Alyssa and I were like saying, we should take a picture of our savior. So there you go.

Then, I went over to Alyssa's place because she said she has something for me and Michelle(one of my roommates).

It is actually an early Christmas present. She is just too nice!!! Love her so much!!

#19. Christmas present



#23. Copper Sculpture. Isn't it pretty! It is sooo cute!! Thank you so much Alyssa!!!

#24. White Bebe T-shirt.

She even gave me this tshirt cause it couldn't fit her anymore and she has only wore it once.

Oh! Did I tell you what my group wore for our performance? We(Alyssa, Chris, Maryanna, Maria and I) planned to wear white shirt and jeans for the performance. Since I don't have any white tshirt, Alyssa borrowed me one of hers. Then she decided to give it to me. Thanks gurl!!!

#25. My outfit for the performance.

Surprisingly, I am going to miss my Honors Humanities class, mostly my peers. I mean, it was not a bad class or anything, but it just feels like time passes so quickly.

When we were just starting to really get to know each other and getting along, the semester comes to an end.

It's sad, really. Created a lot of memories though. ^^

All the times we practice for the performance.

#26. The Tuesday group practicing for the performance opening group act.








#34. Prof. Sachiko directing them.

All the time fooling around..

#35. Julie, Colleen, and Megan.

#36. Maryanna, me and Chris

#37. Maryanna, Chris, and I

#38. Maryanna, Chris and I

My fabulous and crazy group..

These were taken after we had our final group performance practice session.

#39. Me, Maryanna, Chris, Alyssa and Maria

#40. Posers!




#44. Me, Chris, Maria, Alyssa and Maryanna

And finally..

#45. Whole class!!

#46. A funny one.

We took these pictures with self timer. They were all so sporting on taking a picture. I just asked my prof. and after she agreed, she asked the whole class for me. Even my professor is in these class pics.

Really had a lot of fun with you guys. Just real sad that the semester is over.

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I spy with my left (right?) eye a cute guy! Hehe.

Must be so nice studying there! You seem like you're having so much fun!! =)