Thursday, December 11, 2008


I have no one to blame but myself.

It is my fault that I did not practice my script for my performance tomorrow.

I do hope it goes well. Hope the place isn't empty.

Anyway, finals is next week. I'm sure that everyone is nervous and stressed.

My roommates have it bad though. Lizzie's grandmother passed away last week, I think. And Tiffany's boyfriend left for Canada to work for 3 months. So they are both not in such a good mood.

So, me and Michelle did this for them.

For Tiffany's room..

and for Lizzie's room..

It was Michelle's idea. She made the big poster-like thing and I made the white paper thingys with writing on them.

Michelle even made brownies at 11p.m.

I think they needed some cheering up too anyway. They were really down. And can you believe what Lizzie's cheerleader coach told her!?!?

"You need to decide whether you want to go to your grandmother's funeral or the game."

I was so shocked!!! Who say stuff like that!! Lizzie came home crying! Gosh!

My Principles of Public Relations' class professor had a different way of cheering us up.

She was giving these out at the end of our last day of class.

Well, it was more like her way of saying, "Thanks for such a wonderful class. So happy to have you all." And she is really nice. It was so thoughtful for her to do these.

Thank god I have her for my PR class cause I screwed up so badly for my Honor's project and if it weren't for her, I would have been sooooooo screwed!!!


I was watching The Devil Wears Prada just now with my roommate and my RA ( Resident Assistance. He was too bored so he joined us).

Just want to say, very inspirational, motivating. I guess hard work do pay off.

Well, enough dreaming. Back to the script. Ja ne~

p/s: Note to self. Need to learn to shut up at times, no matter how much I really want to say something.

pp/s: Shouldn't have done anything last minute. So much to say, but the day is already gone. Can't turn back time. Look forward, not back!

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