Sunday, December 21, 2008

Fall '08 comes to an end

You can always tell when the semester is over because once you walk out of your dorm to take a stroll, all you see is this..

#1. North Lake Campus

#2. Another North Lake Campus view

#3. And another..

#4. Bus/shuttle stop is always by the laundry.

#5. The shortcut bridge you take if you want to walk to main campus

#6. Another view. Love the sky's color.

This was what I saw when I went out for a stroll to check my letter box. Ooo. Have you seen my campus's mail room before?

#7. Tada! Mail Room

#8. My letterbox

#9. Surprisingly I got mail.

#10. Guess who is it from. ^^

#11. I've never gotten one of this card before. Basically, if the package could not fit your mailbox, they would put this card and you can get the package at the Common's front desk.

Hmm.. if you have been following my blog, you would have a vague image of what my main campus would look like. Maybe next time I will do one for my dorm area k? I can show you guys the gym, tennis court, water front, etc.

Anyway, if you think my dorm area looks empty during semester break, you should have seen it during Thanksgiving. EVERYWHERE you go was empty. Parking lots, shopping malls, restaurants.. E-V-E-R-Y-W-H-E-R-E.

My dad and I almost starved to death because none of the restaurant was open for business. Thank god, for some reason, ONE Chinese restaurant was open and we got to eat dim sum ^^

#12. Parking lot during Thanksgiving

#13. Dad


#15. After two attempts, he finally smiled for the camera

#16. Muah!

#17. Dad and I (Self timer mode. Nice le)

#18. I realized my dad also quite vain one. After the first shot, he quickly took off his jacket and comb his hair for the picture. LOLX!!


#20. As usual, I like to take many shots till I am satisfied. Hehe!

We went for a movie later. Let me correct myself, everywhere was closed EXCEPT the cinema. It was packed! My dad suddenly damn nice. Say he will teman me watch a movie, Twilight. Coincidentally, this year's Thanksgiving falls on the very same day as my birthday, so maybe that is why my dad was so nice. Not that he is not nice on other days, just that that day he was extra nice.

#21. Cinema's main entrance.

This is where my lazy gene kicks in. As you can see, from this distance, it is quite hard for me to check the movie time for the movie right? Usually, my dad stops his car next to the entrance and I try my best to see the time. But I don't know why that day he stopped his car so far away that I couldn't see. The surprising part was this..

Conversation in canto
Me: Aiya. You park until so far where can see.
Dad: Huh? Cannot ar. Wait.
Dad miraculously takes out a pair of binoculars.
Me: *bulged eyes* EH?!!?!? How come you got binoculars in your car one.
Dad: *with a straight face* In case need to see something that is far away ma.

LOLXXX!!!!! God knows why he has a pair of binoculars in his car!!!

#22. Binoculars that save me the energy to walk down to check movie time. Haha!!

#23. Cinema. Food sold here is extremely overpriced. There was this time when I wanted to buy a bottle of water and it cost 4 freaking dollars!!! I could buy almost 24 bottles of water at Target(US version of Giant) lo!!

Well, Twilight was pretty good, for girls. I think guys would surely feel that it is too much of a chick flick, seeing that half of the movie was mostly a staring contest between Bella and Edward.

Aaaanywayyyy, I'll probably be updating more often (no promises though) since I have a two weeks break. Unless, I get a job, then that is a whole different story. Hope I DO get a job!


I just went and got the item that was too big for my letterbox. It is actually a belated birthday present from my mum and sis. THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! LOVE IT!!!!

#24. My very first package ^^

#25. Tada!! Haven't got around watching it yet. Will do so soon!

#26. Birthday message. Quote mum, "Where can don't accept credit card out of US one. They lose a lot of business like that lo." Haha!!!

p/s: My mum getting good at this lying/tricking (in a good way) business liao! Must be more careful next time. LOLX!!!!


jessieloi said...

ooooi budak!!

lama tak dengar from you leh!

Dwee said...

LOLX!!! You also la.

Xin Min said...

HAHA!!! you received my card!! and you din say thank you. ishhhh.