Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Too bored liao

Now, I am so sure that everyone in class thinks I am a crazy Asian chick who likes to take pictures while the prof. is teaching.

Hehe! It was either cause I was too bored or I didn't get enough sleep or cause the migraine I had that day was messing with my head. But I was like a crazy person who went around taking picture with everyone and of everything.

I look kinda retarded here cause once I turned on my camera, I looked at Adam(the guy in the pic), said "pst!," picked up my camera and took this picture. Hehe!!

A view from where I sat in my Principles of PR class. The funny thing was, every time I took a picture, Nico, Bo, Stacy, Adam and Kathy would turn around and look at me cause they heard the "click" sound my camera made. They sat near me. Haha!! I hope Prof. Moniz didn't hear it though. =P

I was pretending to listen to Prof. Moniz. I took this pic while she was looking at me, but my hand with the camera was blocked by Nico. I think she didn't see the camera.

Adam, me and Bo. We were suppose to be discussing the article Prof. Moniz gave us. But I was too busy putting self timer for my camera and adjusting for a good angle. This was the pic that was taken.

Nico and Stacy. I just call out their name and took their pic. They sempat pose for me. LOLXXX!!!

Sometimes I love taking picture with people here. They damn sporting lo. Every time I raise my camera, and they sure will pose for me one. If I wan to take a picture with them they sure will take with me one. ^^

This picture I took with while pretending to yawn and stretched my arms with the camera in hand. I think Prof. Moniz saw me though cause I saw her glance over at my direction.

This is my Performing culture class. Remember I mentioned before about having to perform about racism/sexism etc on stage. This is the class. We were having discussion also. Very boring cause the teacher finish teaching liao. So now all we do is discuss.

I don't know if you can tell it through these pictures but there was a blackout. The light that you are seeing in these pictures were actually coming in from the window and emergency light.

When I was taking all these pictures, Prof. Sachiko did not even turn around. Swt!

Rebeka, a-girl-who's-name-I-don't-remember(^^), me and Lane. Hehe! Sorry la. I don't remember the girl's name cause she usually sits at the other end of the class. That proves my point though. I don't know her that well, but when I ask her to take a pic, she does. Some more we took this pic 3 times cause the first 2 was blurry. Hehe! (I can actually hear Danny, XM and Jess saying, "Tsk tsk tsk! So mah fan. Have to take so many times" LOLX!!!)

This picture was taken when my prof left the class to check out about the blackout. Sigh~ I really wanted to take with everyone in class, but cause of the delay with this picture, Prof. Sachiko came back.

Me, Michele and Raquel. I think they actually asked me something like, "You doing project or something is it? Why are you taking all these photos?"

And lastly, Alyssa, me, Maria and Chris. I love this picture. I dunno why. Maybe cause all 4 of use look so good. (or maybe cause I look good in this pic. ^^)

Overall, the pictures came out alright. I am really satisfied. Either way, I had a headache, so I didn't really care.

Hehe! I think I might just bring my camera to class everyday now. It is nearly the end of the semester, so have to take pics with classmates. I need to get the dust off my camera anyways. What do you think?


jessieloi said...

good job! hahahahaha

yes you should blog more. if you'd like to know, i actually read everything you write...

Dwee said...

Haha! Thank you.

I'll try. When I don't have a life, it is kinda hard. Wah! Really ar. So touched! =P