Friday, February 6, 2009


I am never a fan of any artist. If you ask me what is my favorite song, I'll say I love many songs. If you ask me who is my favorite artist, I'll say I don't really have one. No artist stood out enough that would actually catch my attention or anything. Songs come and go as favorites. So for both of these cases, I have no answers to them.

BUT! After being brainwashed by my sister, I finally considered myself a fan of Dong Bang Shin Ki(DBSK)/Tohoshinki(TVXQ). DBSK is a Korean boy band but is really popular in Japan. They are actually pretty popular among the Asian countries even China.

I know this is a totally random post but just bare with me this time.

They reach #1 on Korean music charts in 3 months after they debut in 2003. I guess they gain popularity when they appeal to such a wide Asian audience. Especially when they can speak fluently in Korean, Japanese, and if I am not mistaken Mandarin too.








Okay. I know, they look pretty much kinda girly at first. But once you get to know them (through the talk shows they appear on), they are pretty cool. And they are only 2 years older than I am. So can sorta click la.

#8. Hero Jaejoong. You can recognize him easily after awhile cause he looks most like a girl but got the best body. I think they call him "Mummy" of the group because he sometimes cooks for his members. The oldest of the bunch cause his birthday comes first. I think he is the only one who cannot appear very manly cause of his feminine facial structure. He has a great voice. A very funny guy actually although he may look a tad cold and quiet at times. Don't judge the book's by it's cover.

#9. U-know Yunho. He is the leader of the group although he is only the 2nd oldest. He is the "Daddy" of the group. Fantastic dancer. Very polite. I would say sporting and very good at most sport stuff but compared to his other members, he has a weaker singing voice.

#10. Micky Yoochun. He is the the 3rd oldest. I think he knows the most english cause he was in US for sometime before he got recruited into DBSK and moved back to Korea. I really like his voice cause he can sing in both manly and slow song. He is very funny and smiles a lot but always have the weirdest hairstyle. Poor Micky.

#11. Xiah Junsu. He is the second youngest. He has the most unique voice I would say. When you are listening their songs, you can identify his voice immediately. Also love how he could sing in both fast and slow songs. What I mean is, like Micky, he can appear manly and sensitive. He has a bit of an arrogant edge but is okay I guess. Poor thing though cause he always seems to embarrass himself on camera and his members always tease him.

#12. Max Changmin. He is so adorable and has a really great voice. He can hit a real high note. Like Micky and Xiah, you will always see him smiling. Doesn't hurt that he has a great smile. When you see him, he looks like the very cute and smiley type, but he is actually the most serious and mature among his members. And he is the youngest of them all. I just found out that he is the same age as me.

These are just rough description of them. Very hard for me to explain. You would have to watch the talk shows they attended to really catch their personality.

By now, some of you probably already stop reading, but at least take the time to listen to their songs. They are really good. Their personality is not the only reason why I like them. Actually, certain songs that I was listening to made me want to blog about them.

This is one of their debut songs. Title: Hug. They look really young in this video cause they were only 17 when they debut, except for Changmin who was only 15.

This song, "Purple Line" is from their third album.

If you were to ask me who is the better dancer among them, I would probably pick Changmin, and Junsu. Yunho is a great dancer because he started out as a dancer so you would kinda expect him to be good. I find Changmin and Junsu pretty up to par with Yunho. Junsu has very good isolation and Changmin has real power. Micky is good but doesn't stand out a lot. I would have to say Jaejoong is the weakest in dancing but is improving a lot, just like Yunho is improving a lot in his singing.

Same song, "Purple Line". This song got #1 in the Japan Oricon Chart. I just thought I would show you what fantastic dancers they are!! This is when they are practising. Imagine when they are really performing. Just ignore the starting where Yunho is talking. They were just joking around. The other four guys around them are backup dancers. DBSK is the five person in the middle.

This 3 songs is from their latest album, Mirotic that just came out in 2008. Here, they sang "Love in the Ice" first, then "Hey!(Don't bring me down) and "Mirotic" last.

This is also one of the songs from their latest album. Title: Crazy Love. Unfortunately, they don't have a mv for this. I think it is because this song is not as popular as the other, which I don't understand. How can this song not be popular. It is damn unique and damn good!!!

This is a song, "Asu Wa Kuru Kara"(Because Tomorrow Comes) they sang in Japanese. I don't really know much about their Japanese albums. I only know about this song is because it was in One Piece. They also sang the opening theme song, "We Are" in One Piece.

Okay. I'm done with my obssession. Do try and listen to their songs. Many of you might lose interest cause they are singing in a different language but they are really good if you take sometime to listen to their songs and everything.


kh said...

aahh!! i'm surrounded by dbsk fans!!! ahh!!!!!

Xin Min said...

Me too!! I have a lot of fanatic friends in uni too!! Gosh. Its a bit scary.. HAHA.

Dwee said...

Haha! They are pretty good you know. Try listening to their songs.

Xin Min,
Hahah!! You're uni also got DBSK fans ar? Xm, try listening to their songs and reading the lyrics. They are really good you know.

valsim said...

i used to watch this tv program called xman..and they appear on it once in a while..

heh i love dbsk :)

Dwee said...

Yea!! I saw that one too. It was damn funny!! I couldn't stop laughing. My sister made me watch that game show with her last two years and that is how I know about DBSK. I love DBSK!!