Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Spending a tad too much

I remember reading Suet's blog about saving and coincidentally was talking to my mum about my working schedule. Suddenly realized that I have been spending a lot cause my bank account have been missing several hundreds. =P

I should probably start saving too. I think it is because I got the refund from my university and always thought that I don't spend much money on myself. In the end, it led to me spending more than what I was suppose to.

I kept thinking that I don't always buy stuff for myself, so when I earn my own money, I should buy some stuff for myself. With that in mind, I started out with something small..

#1. One Piece playing poker cards. $2.75

For those of you who is unaware of this, I am sorta a bit of an anime freak. I am obsessed with Card Captor Sakura, Inuyasha, Bleach, Naruto, and the most recent one is One Piece. I've watched all of these anime at least three times from episode 1 to the most updated episode. When I am done, I start all over again. Now, I am very obsessed with One Piece and is watching it for the third time. I saw these cards on ebay and they were so cheap. Can't pass up the offer, so I bought it.

Thinking that I did not spend a lot, I should be able to get something else, so I got..

#2. White gold plated earings. Same design as DBSK Yun Ho. $16.94

Remember the Korean boy band that I like. Well, I was so obsessed with them at one point, I went to search ebay to see if they have anything on them, and found these. I really like the earings. It looks weird at first, but the more I wear them, the more I love how it looks on me. Muahaha!!!

At this point, I was okay with shopping and spending money cause I didn't think I use much on the earrings and cards.

Three weeks ago, I went to Alyssa's birthday and we went to a restaurant beside a shopping mall. Alyssa, Alyssa's cousin, Alyssa's mum, Michelle, and I went shopping while we were waiting for a table. So, when I was at the mall, I got..

#3. Sweatshirt from Abercrombie and Fitch. Loved it! $21.10

#4. Nice right? How can I not buy it. It was a $60 sweatshirt and I got it for $21. Pretty good deal if you ask me. And it is damn useful during these few days of cold/freezing weather.

I was in love with this sweatshirt up until I washed it. Now I am disappointed in it. You see the red A&F on my sweatshirt? Well, the freaking color came off and part of the sweatshirt is now pink. Not very noticable but it is pink nonetheless. Made me so mad. Spoiled my mood for the whole day.

Well, I spent quite some money on clothes cause when I went Target, I spent around $80 on..

#5. Khaki shorts and St. Patrick's day T-shirt

#6. Green shorts and quarter sleeves shirt

#7. Workout pants and sports bra.

But I always thought that clothes are okay cause I am using them all the time. It is a necessity. So it is okay to spend money on them right? Well, I think I am right. LOLX!

Then, there is spending money on food. I know food is a necessity and basic need, but I consider this as wasting money when I already have food in my dorm and still go out for dinner that cost me $31.

#8. TGI Friday's

#9. Spot me. ^^



#12. Of course I went with Michelle. Who else would I go with other than my fantastic roommate.

#13. Guess which is mine. Haha! I am so stupid. Why do I even order Coke. There goes $2 and my diet. No wonder I am getting fat.

Anyway, that is besides the point. The thing is, I spent all the money here and there that I don't even realize it is actually a lot. There is also my phone card, my blood test, two new sports bra I bought, and occasionally buying food at Subway or TacoBell when I am not even hungry.

These are all small things. The most expensive one I've spent on so far is..

#14. ASUS Eee PC. $317

#15. What do you think? Nice huh?

By the way, I found something totally hilarious. I was looking through the instructions so that I could keep my laptop in a good condition for a long time. I came across the battery instructions.

#16. Damn long list

When I saw it, I was like, "Damn! So long." But what I found inside was stupid.

#17. This is all there is to the instructions. The others were the same instructions but in different languages.

#18. Front.

#19. Back. I know that USA is a sorta like a "salad bowl" where there are a lot of different ethnicity, but this is just ridiculous.

Anyway, back to my new laptop.

#20. Pretty cool right? I really like it.

#21. A laptop for only $317. Of course there is going to be a catch.

#22. My new laptop(left) is only 8.9" Isn't it cute!?!?

#23. Small huh? There is built in wireless, 512 MB memory, 8GB storage and webcam. Cool and everything but can't do much on it. I can only go online and do my homework with it.

It took me a long time to decide whether I should buy it or not. Got advice from both my parents (talking to my mum on my cell while dad was next to me) and finally decided to give it a go. Like mum said, "Try it for 3 months la. If don't like it then ma return lo. Then at least you got try ma. If not, you will always wonder what it would be like to have the laptop."

I keep thinking that I am frugal person. Now, when I list down stuff like this, I've used quite a lot of money on myself, didn't I? Guess I should watch how I spend money huh?


Natalie said...

Can't you return the sweatshirt and complain that the color faded?

Let me know how's the mini pc after you try it. Am thinking of getting one too.

kh said...

tsk tsk tsk

the laptop on the right was my ex ... she died after 1.5 years

jessieloi said...

you can return the pc after 3 months?!?!

Dwee said...

Yea. That's what I wanted to do but can't seem to find the time to go back to the shop. And I lost the resit. So I'm afraid they might not exchange a new one for me.

The mini pc is okay. If you are thinking of getting one, you might want to get a better brand. This one has webcam and everything but the laptop is so small, so there is no room to put a CD. No backup and it gets heat up real quick. And when I type, I always have mistakes cause I'm not use to the keyboard. Convenient but the heating and no back up is getting to me.

LOLX! I thought you were talking about the wallpaper on my laptop. And I was like, "Err. Danny is a guy wor." hahaha!!!!

Well, they allow you to return almost everything before 90 days with the resit. But I think I will only get 75% of my money back cause this is a laptop, not a piece of clothing or smth.