Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Eventful day I would say..

I really did not want to write this post because I love my DBSK post. I hope someone actually listen to some of their songs, but knowing you guys, none of you probably did. Shame on you! DBSK is a great Korean boy band, with great singing voices, excellent dance skills and entertaining personalities.

Hehe! Actually, I wrote this post a week ago and didn't want to post it up. Jess's comment sorta made me think, "Okay. I guess you guys have seen DBSK long enough."

I tried making my roommate, Michelle listen to them. She said they were good. Or maybe she was just too nice to say, "I don't understand a freaking word they say." Haha! I love having her, Lizzie, and Tiffany as roommates though.

Michelle, Lizzie, Tiffany, Travis (Tiffany's bf), Eugene (my RA) and I were hanging out together in our dorm two days ago. We had like a roommate dinner/movie night.

Okay. I have a lot of pictures. And they are kinda self explanatory cause they are series of pictures taken in a few seconds/minutes interval.

#1. Just thought I show you the needle hole I got when I went and had my blood drawn so that I could check my sugar level that morning.

#2. This is what it looks like at night. Blue-black liao. Don't dare to rub cause scared the hole open again. Hehe!

Anyway, it started out with me coming back from class and saw this..

#3. Valentine's day present from Lizzie. She is sooooo creative. Loved it.




#7. She bought us the small pot to grow strawberry, two stamps and a bottle of body butter. At first, I thought the body butter was a sex thing where they put butter on the body or something. Haha! Michelle said it is just lotion that has a lot of moisturizer. I am still a bit skeptical. Hehe!

#8. Lizzie's and Michelle's dinner. I don't know about you, but it looks gross and nasty to me. Well, can't judge cause they think spam is gross and nasty but it is damn delicious to me. Don't want to know what is in it though but I know it is not anything good. At least it doesn't look as disgusting as this chunck of beef.

#9. Like I said. Lizzie is creative. I think she is doing this for her parents.

#10. Michelle waiting for dinner.

#11. Lizzie getting the plate out of the dishwasher. For some unknown reason, I still have no idea how to work the dishwasher.



#14. I was just sitting there chatting with them and taking pictures at the same time. Lizzie took this for me. Hehe!


#16. See!! Disgusting right?

#17. Lizzie making dinner and Michelle helping.



#20. LOLX!! I was snapping pictures continuously and they wanted me to at least take a picture of them flipping me off.

#21. HAhahaha!! I don't think Michelle or Lizzie would appreciate me showing so many of these pictures of them here. Haha!!


#23. Enters Travis (Tiffany's bf) and Tiffany.


#25. Enters Eugene (my RA). He is wearing formal clothes cause he is in this fraternity, Sigma Chi, and they are having a rush(it means recruiting new fraternity members) soon I think. So, they have to wear that for a week. I think that is the reason. Well, whatever it is, it has something to do with Sigma Chi.

#26. I have no idea why Eugene stop by our dorm ever so often and stays for a long time. He's nice and everything, but it's just weird sometimes. Haha! If you are reading this Eugene, please don't get offended. =P

















#43. Me posing for Michelle.

Michelle took a lot of pictures of me but this is the only one that looks a bit decent. She was trying to make me know how it feels to get my picture taken over and over again. Obviously she hasn't met Jessica or Xin Min. Haha!! I think she was a tad annoyed by then though. Hehe! Sorry Michelle. Well, when all I did was posing for her, she finally stopped.

#44. Trying to persuade my roommates to take a group picture. ^^

#45. Finally they caved.

#46. Haha! Travis is so funny. If you observed the pictures, you will be able to see Travis looking at the camera and posing. Haha!!


#48. Later, at around 9 or 10 p.m. , Michelle, Lizzie, Eugene and I went to Blockbuster to rent a movie.






#54. On the way back to our dorm. I know I know. This is a horrible picture. Who cares anyway! I already have the world greatest boyfriend. Don't have to look nice for anyone else. Heheh! I just wanted to have a picture showing our journey home.

#55. SS-ing while we wait for Eugene to carry Michelle's television from her room to the living room.





#60. Haha!! Just had to take this picture. Eugene is using a pink blanket. LOLX!!!

Well, that was that. The only real interesting thing that happened that day was this..

#61. I got a mail from the court. And no, I am not in trouble. I got summoned.


#63. Apparently, everyone has to do this as a resident in the United States.

Basically, all I had to do is become one of the juries in one small case and that's it. I am trying to get out of it. My friend said that if I am a full time student, I could be excused. But when I told the Clerk of Courts, she said she will postpone it to 6 months, which will be during my summer holidays. So, I decided I might as well do it now and get this over with. Hopefully the cases doesn't last long.

I'll worry about it later. Now, I should concentrate more on my exam on Monday and 10 page paper due on Wednesday. And that is what I am gonna do. Gonna read for my exam... ahem ... after I finish a few episodes of One Piece. HEhe!!

p/s: Happy Valentine's day everyone. I just realized, besides the present I got from Lizzie and her poster, my post has absolutely nothing to do with Valentine's day. Hahah!! Doesn't matter. Anyway, I love you Danny!

By the way, this is how my arm look like now. The blue black got worse. Still don't dare to rub it though.



Anonymous said...

Hard-boiled egg. Unshelled it, put inside a handkerchief while it is still warm and rub on it. You can also use just cooked rice.

jessieloi said...

omg the valentine pressie your dorm mate gave you is adorable!! so sweet of your dorm mate lah!

what is RA?

jury duties!!!! omg. will it be like what we see in the movies?
will it be a serious case? no right?

jessieloi said...

and i jsut realised you have 64 photos on this post!!!

Dwee said...

Haha! Okay. Might do so. But probably would be too lazy to boil the egg. ^^

1. Cute right?!?! I love it so much.
2. RA = Resident Assistance (i think).
3.I'm not sure also. It might but it won't be a huge case. Just the minor ones.