Monday, November 12, 2007


To be honest, i don't even know why I am starting this bloggy thingy. Isn't this like how people just write what they did they whole day and published it on the internet so that everyone could read it? What is the different from publishing our own personal journal?
Anyway, I just thought it would be cool to simply write down stuff here. It is just like talking to myself really. So, what should I talk about? My day? Well, I went to work, fell asleep at work, then came back, eat pizza, online till now. Wow! I've been online for more than 10 hours now. Crazy man. I should really be studying now but everytime before i start, i end up being distracted doing other things. Bad habit. Wonder what would mum or dad say if they knew. Hehe! That is okay though. It is not like they would be reading my blog anyway.
The whole day was kinda boring, but I was talking to Jun on MSN just now and it stills cracks me up! We were talking about how our kids were going to address each other and she had a few not-so-nice ones for me. I mean, "Aunty Nonsense" is bad enough, but "Aunty Chilli" or "Aunty Padi"?! Comeee onnn!!! Well, at least mine wasn't as bad as her's, "Aunty Spastic." Hehehe!!!
Why am i writing so much in here anyway. It is not like anyone is going to read the whole thing. I noticed that people usually go on other people's blogs to see their pictures, which, I'm sorry to say, there won't be any that will be posted here. This is a place where i vent out all my stress from homework and lack of social life. Yay me~
Now i need to end my conversation with myself and start studying before i get side tracked again. Nitex!

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