Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Headache Sucks!

Sigh, stupid headache throws off my whole study schedule. I was actually planning on writing my reflective journal and do a bit of my reading assignment before bed, but the stupid headache got in the way. What is worst, is that when i went to get my headache medicine, the stupid bottle would not open! Stupidest packaging ever!! Who seals a headache bottle so tight, that it takes a person's headache to double just by opening it. I swear, if i didn't have a headache, i would have gotten one just by trying to open the stupid bottle!
Now, i will have to do my homework tomorrow and hope i would finish it soon since it is due this coming week. And wish me luck for waking up at 6a.m. for my class observation appointment with Estero High School. Bloody hell! I have to be at that school by 7:10a.m.. What kind of school starts that early!! (No offense to the school or anything) Even SMK Usj 13 did not start that early!
Well, got to go continue my beauty sleep now. I actually fell asleep after taking the medicine and it is now 4a.m. Hehe! I should go back to bed to continue my 2 hours of sleep. Nitex!

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