Saturday, November 17, 2007


Nothing much to say today. Last day of work, and went out with Lisa to aero-what's-it-called. I bought 2 shorts, a skirt, a shirt and a long sleeve shirt for only 10 bucks. Hehe! It was on sale. The shorts and skirt was only like a dollar and the shirts were $2.99. Isn' t that great. Almost everything was on sale now. What bugged me the most was a scarf and a matching cap that i really wanted, but after a really LONG debate and thinking, I did not get either since my friend and dad convinced me that I had no use for it here in Florida. Sigh~
I should really start studying. Finals is like right after thanks giving break and all my assignments are due that time too. Just hope I don't get side tracked again by petty stuff. Well, gotta go to bed now, or i won't be able to wake up for work tomorrow. Nitex~

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