Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Thanksgiving break officially starts right now. Well, while others are celebrating and eating turkey at home, I will be studying (I hope) and working. Yay me~ Anyway, I am hoping that i could finish 2 worst assignments ever that I have been holding off for a long time -- my reflective journal and critical analysis essay. But, I do have plans on getting them done during this break. So, my plan is..

11/21 : Finish Reflective Journal
11/22 - 11/23 : Finish Critical Analysis Essay
11/24 : Revise Chinese characters & Special Occasion Speech
by 11/25 : Finish my reading assignments

Hehe! I do hope I could stick to my schedule and everything goes smoothly. Though, if Danny is reading this right now, he would probably say, "You say you will follow only but always also become lazy at the last minute one." Well, I'm gonna prove him wrong this time! I am determine to stick to this schedule!
Speaking of Danny, he is not having such a good month. I do hope he feels better. I miss him soooo much that sometimes it scares me. Not being able to see him for such a long period of time makes matters worst. I feel real bad right now for not calling him for such a long time cause I was so caught up with all the activity, work and assignments I had. Hmm, I think I'm gonna call him before I go to bed today. Anyway, my eyelids are getting heavier by the minute, so I'm gonna get some shut eye now. Nitex~

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