Friday, November 16, 2007

Thank God & Wish Me Luck

I finally finish my online Practise Test. I was so afraid I would not make it on time. I used up all my break time to finish it. But tomorrow I'll have to do my Online exam. Wish me luck. And after the Thanksgiving Break I have a special occassion speech, a critical analysis essay, reflective journal and 4 final exams. Wish me luck! Guess I won't have any time to rest during the break.
Anyway, I'm quiting my subway job this semester. Well, it is more like taking a break for the upcoming exams. Though I'm not sure whether I will continue working there next semester or should I get a job at the library. It is so confusing. So much to plan with soooo little time. Gosh!!
Hmm, it seems like i did not post anything yesterday. Well, that is probably because i went to bed at 6:30p.m.. Hehe! I did not mean to though. I planned on taking a nap till 9p.m., then wake up to study for my Practise test but i ended up sleeping till this morning. It would have been a peaceful 'nap' but my roommates decided to talk as loud as they could at 3 IN THE MORNING! Can you believe it! They were talking like they were across a football field or something. Woke me up at least 4 times.
Hopefully I could get some good rest tonight. Need to wake up for my last day of work tomorrow. I hope i I am not late again. I have always been late to everything and I am starting to regret it. It might cost me my public speaking class's grade. I just realise that i was 5 times late to my public speaking class. I hope it does not have too much damage on my grade, or any chance i have of getting an A would have flown out the window. Wish me luck~ Nitex!

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