Tuesday, November 13, 2007

What a day~

Hmm, what should i say today. Oh yea! Remember I said i was going back to bed for 2 hours yesterday (technically it was this morning, REALLY early this morning, but you know what i mean)? Well, i ended up just lying awake on my bed for the whole time till my alarm clocked went off at 6a.m.. I was just too wide awake to fall back asleep, so i end up taking out my trash at 6 in the morning. It was FREEZING outside i tell you!! Even though there is no snow in Florida, it is still as cold as hell! (err, i know hell isn't exactly cold but you catch my drift) And i had to take my shower at 6 in the freaking morning too.
Hmm, nothin interesting happened through the whole day. Just took my finite math exam and got a freaking 80%. I should have double checked it! Stupid me. If not, i would have gotten a 100%!! Oh well~ Got to classes as usual. BORING~ Hehe! Oh yea! My chinese class friends and I were suppose to go out to a chinese restaurant to eat but everyone end up ffk. One thing i notice about Americans is that, they always make plans but never ever act on them. They were so excited about the dinner, then next week it was like the discussion never took place. What is all that about. (No offense Americans).
*Yawn* What else should i write? Maybe I should tell you my study plan that always never goes according to plan. I've been planning to finish my assignments last week and I still haven't done half of them. But I'm sure I'll finish it this week cause they are due soon. Hehe! Well, you know me, I'm always a last minute person. Anyway, got to go get ready for bed and say good night to my lovely boyfriend, Danny, before hitting my reading assignment. I'm sure tomorrow's postin would be soooooo much more 'exciting' than today's. Its gonna be alllllllll about work. Yipee...Nitex!

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