Sunday, April 5, 2009


Okay. I know I never am able to make a decision without getting opinion from other people. But I really need help on this one.

I saw this cargo jacket at Victoria Secret. And it is damn nice!! Very versatile too. That is one of the main reason why I like it. The jacket can be worn in 4 different ways.

#1. Jacket

#2. Vest

#3. Crop vest

#4. Crop jacket

Damn nice right?!?! Now, the problem is the price: $98. Quite expensive. But I really really like it. I've been talking to Jun and she said it is worth it (cause most jackets at aussie also around that price). She also said that if can use well for 1-2 years, also worth it. Very reasonable and good reasons. But I want to get more opinion before I make my decision.

So, please help me!! I am so serious right now. EVERYONE PLEASE COMMENT!!! Danny! You better comment also ar. I angry one you know. I really want opinions.


hL said...

if i were u drey i would buy four different jackets instead of one jacket that could go four different ways XD.

cos if u buy four u definitely get diff colours blabla nicer to pair with everything else.

and $98 i think enough to buy 4 jackets. ask suet li lah how she buy cheap clothes lol.

jessieloi said...

i agree with heng lor.

$98 converts to rm300+ you know.

the sweater is nice, but i am sure you can get something like this or looks nicer for a cheaper price. though it is not 4-ways.

plus! everything looks good on models hahaha.

anyway, i think $98 is kinda exp.

Natalie said...

personally, i dont like the colour. It's hard to match well with clothes.

And would you want to wear the same jacket out even though it's in different design? Wouldnt you prefer more variety in terms of colour?

Just my humble opinion...

kh said...

i was bout to say the same thing as the first guy who commented..

100bucks can get 3 good vest/ jacket here..

one thing though... its gonna be summer and you're going back to msia soon... you'll only be wearing it in 8months time...

100bucks... you have to work at least 6 hours to earn back that much...

leave the jacket for few months.. if you still miss it, then go shopping for a different but similar one. who knows , you might get a cheaper and better one... this scenario is similar to my bag...

and always think about the amount of clothes not worn inside your wardrobe. AND think about the amount of clothes you have to shift out after you graduate...

Dwee said...

Cannot get four la. Can probably only get two. But I do see your point. Haha!! I have been talking to suet several times but it is pretty embarrassing to talk to her cause I dunno her that well. She probably thinks I am a weirdo now cause I always ask for her advice on some things.

Haha!! I try not to convert the currency cause then everything would be too expensive. It is. That is why I am in a dilemma.

LOL!! When I saw what you said, I wanted to counter with, "They have it in khaki too." Haha! But once again, so true. I am starting to see that maybe it will be hard to match cause it is a cargo jacket.

Haha! But when I am in Florida for the 8 months, it is ALWAYS cold to me. I was also thinking the same thing. I wanted to wait till like they have a sale on the jacket. When it reach $40-$50, I will buy it. But I am in a rush cause I am leaving for Msia in 2 weeks and won't be back four months later. The jacket might be gone by then. Also, I thought of wearing it when I am Aussie this june. ^^

Anyway, LOVE YOU GUYS!! All of you are so great. Thank you so much for the advices/opinions. HUGS!!!

Natalie said...

You are leaving for Msia in 2 weeks already??

I wanna see you. Miss you so much. But I'm not sure when will I be back :(