Thursday, April 23, 2009

Downside(s) to owning a car

Now I now know why my blog is less attractive than others. Cause I seldom update. Haha!! Lazy la. Some more I had a whole week of presentations, assignments, and exams waiting for me. BUT!!! It is all over now. As of 5:30p.m. April 23rd, 2009, I have officially finished my Spring '09 semester. Which means, I am free for 4 months!!Muahahahahah!!!

No excuse not to update anymore. I really regret not updating often cause now I have so many things to say in one freaking post. Hmm, maybe I will shorten it or something.

Anywayyy, the one thing that I really want to talk about is the freaking downside to owning a freaking car! How come no one ever told me there is such a downside????

No. I am not talking about the gas money. Nor am I talking about the insurance. It is the fact that I have the privilege to drive around and go shopping. Damn! The first day I got the car and I already spent around $100+ on shopping. LOL!! So much for just checking out the stores. Hehe!

Just so you know, I did not get a car. It is my dad's Honda Civic. I was able to convinced him that I need the car this week cause my Singapore friend, Andrew just sold his car and he is graduating. I want to hang out with him before he leaves because I might not see my Singapore friend again. So, on Saturday, I drove my dad back to Naples, and then drove the car back with me to Fort Myers. Sigh~ Since the Outlet Mall is so near my uni, I thought I would just stop by and have a look.

Well, it didn't turn out as I planned. Ended up buying..

#1. Cute sweater for only $7+

#2. Two camis for $19.50

#3. The second cami is free. Thought I should get one black and one white. Really really like them.

#4. A Jacket from Esprite for only $55+ Very stylish. I like! To be honest, I did not intend on buying anything when I enter Esprite. I just wanted to see if there is any difference between the Esprite here and back in M'sia. But when I saw this, I was like, "OMG!! Perfect jacket for Aussie and Florida." Hehe! Most spontaneous decision I ever made.

#5. I totally adore this tube top! I don't actually wear tube tops but this is just too cute. It's around $17+ I think. Michelle said it is considered cheap for a tube, so I bought ^^

#6. Now, these earrings I did not plan to buy. I was actually looking for an ATM machine but I passed by the shop and the earrings were practically calling my name.



#9. The second pair. It is buy two get one free. So the last pair, I got it for free. I think it was around $20 for all three.



#12. My free pair. ^^



That day itself, I spent around $100 I think. I was crazy. It was like I was possessed or something. I keep swiping my card. To make matters worse, I forgot I haven't bank in my paycheck and I didn't have anymore money in my card. If there is a overdraft, they will charge me a fee. So, I quickly went to Bank of America and withdrawal money from my savings account, then deposit it back into my checking account. During that time, I haven't bought that tube top yet and I really really wanted it. So, I made sure I had some cash with me, enough for the tube top and dinner. Then I drove back to the mall and got the tube, and went for dinner later. Haha!!

That is not the end of it. The next day, Michelle, Alyssa and I went to shop again. Michelle wanted to get the tube top I got and on the way there, we stopped by Guess and I ended up buying some more.

#15. Two pairs of shorts from Guess. $17.50 each. There was a discount ^^

#16. Also, on Tuesday, Michelle brought me to get my nails done!! Thanks Michelle!! Too bad Alyssa couldn't come. She had to work. Isn't it pretty though? I think it is really worth it since it can last for 6 weeks.

So, as you can see, owning your own car burns a HUGE hole in your wallet. I didn't even have to pay for the gas and insurance, and I already spent around $200 during the time the car is in my possesion.

Then you know what happened?? I got a freaking ticket today!! I had a final exam today. For once, I wanted to arrive to class one time. So, I drove to class (this class is located the other end of the campus. A real long walk). Mana tau, I got a freaking ticket for not displaying my parking permit! I don't have a freaking parking permit!! I only parked there for like 2 hours and I got a freaking ticket.

#17. Sigh. At least it is not a speeding ticket. Thank god I voted for the student government this year and got the Get-out-jail-free card. Never thought I will be using it.

Can't do anything about it now. Got to go pack. I hate packing. Takes forever. It is freaking 5:16 a.m. right now. Who the hell packs at 5 in the morning? Was suppose to finish packing hours ago but my neighbors from o1, Zach, Allan, and Mike came knocking on my door at 2 in the morning to chat. Didn't get back till half an hour ago. Sigh~

Will be back in M'sia at 7:15a.m. on the 27th of April. Not looking forward to the LOOONG flight but I am looking forward to seeing my darling, mum, sis and friends again. Till then~


clem said...

eh eh so i get to see you before i leave to melbourne too? fulamak like so kawan onli hahahaha. are you meeting me in melb!! i'm flying on the 5th july instead, sudah changed my date. arriving on the 6th in the morning~

kh said...

wth (again) !! 4 mths study, 4mths break...
you are sooo
200+usd is a lot of money!! ..but at least you have a job...

anyway, when are you going back to US?
i will arrive somewhere between 15~18th Aug.

If you've already left that time.. too bad la.. we're not fated to meet ... lol

jessieloi said...

... omg god audrey! i thought i was the impulsive shopper! but maybe cause i am not working so must jaga with my money.

can't wait to see you!

Dwee said...

clem,Yea yea!! I think I am. Even if I don't change my flight to the 15th of July, I am still able to meet up with you. Err. We might have to contact through email though cause I dun have a telephone line there. Hehe!

kh,Haha!!! No la. 8 months study and 4 months holiday. This year is the last long holiday I get anyway cause next year I have to do internship in Florida. I know it is a lot but can't help it la.

Yea!!!! We are fated to meet up!!! I will be leaving for U.S. on the 21st so it is going to be a bit tight. But still can meet up!!!!

jessieloi,Haha!! It is only because I know I am spending my own money, so I was a bit generous with my spending. But dun think can do so anymore. Now have to save save abit since I am not working for 4 months. Hehe!!

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