Saturday, April 25, 2009

My first times

For the first time since I have created my blog, I am not writing a post in my dorm room in Florida nor am I in my computer room back in Malaysia. I am actually in the middle, at the Newark International Airport waiting for my 10p.m. flight. Sigh. 8 more hours to go. Thank god for wireless here.

Hard to believe but I am missing Florida already. Suddenly feel like time is moving too fast. In a blink of an eye, I finished two semesters of classes, got to know so many more people, had great roommates and is going back to M'sia for summer. Too bad I won't have Michelle and Tiffany as roommates next year. They are both moving out to an apartment near our uni. Well, I can't complain since I do have Alyssa as roommate for Fall '09/Spring '10. So, it is not that bad.

Haha!!I don't want to praise them so much here cause Michelle and Alyssa is probably reading this and it feels weird praising them when I know they are reading. But I will say that I am lucky having Michelle as a roommate and Alyssa as classmate/future roommate.

But they are really nice though. Take yesterday for an example. Michelle got Tiffany, Alyssa and I a gift out of the blue. To me it was almost like a going away gift. Loved it. She developed a picture of Tiffany, herself, Alyssa and I (pic #31), and put it in the cutest photoframe ever. She came back down from Cape Coral to have dinner with me and even baked a cake. Tiffany also came back down and Alyssa came over to our dorm. If it weren't for work, Tiffany and Alyssa would have joined us for dinner as well.

#1. Isn't this picture cute. I love it.

Haha!! Time is going by so quickly that it is hard for me to keep up what we have done together since I've met them. I got to do a lot of things for the first time with them. There were so many things we did together but these are the ones where I actually have pictures of. Be warned. There are a lot of pictures cause I will be showing pictures from several occasions in one post.

1. Ultra (03/18/2009)

This has got to be the most spontaneous decision making we've Michelle has ever made. The rest of us girls just followed. But it was one of the best decision she's ever made cause we had a blast that day night.

It wasn't suppose to be spontaneous thing actually. One of our neighbor, was planning on going to Ultra, a club, on Wed for his birthday. He did ask us about going to Ultra during the weekend but somehow we forgot. So, when Allan, birthday boy, and his roommate/my classmate came knocking on our door at 10pm to ask us to go, we didn't want to go anymore. We were wearing pajamas all and had a lot of homework to do. Somehow, alcohol got involved, Zach passed out, and Michelle and the rest got hyped up. So, at 11pm, Michelle just said, "Okay. Lets go!" Hahah!!! And we went. I am proud to say, I was their DD that day. So proud of myself.

#2. Alyssa, me, Allan and Tiffany. This picture was taken at 12pm, an hour after we decided we wanted to go. It was so funny. Alyssa actually went to her dorm to grab some clothes to change.

#3. Alyssa, Zach, me, Allan, Tiffany.

#4. Haha!! There is three of the same pic cause every time I snap a pic, an addditional member comes in. So have to snap again. This one has everyone! Alyssa, Zach, me, Allan, Michelle and Tiffany. Eh! Wait. Kevin, the other guy who went with us is not in the pic.

Believe it or not, we didn't get to Ultra till 12:30am.

#5. We met Lizzie, my other roommate there. See! We got there in one piece even though I was the driver. They said I was speeding. Haha! I didn't even realize I was. Thanks Michelle for letting me drive your car though! Hehe!

Well, after a bit of dancing, I had to go outside to get my phone from my dad (left it in his car the day before). There, we met...

#6. ..guys who claim that they are from British but we can't be sure. I forgot their names. Haha!! But it was so funny seeing Michelle interact with them. It cracked me up the whole time. Tiffany and I are the only sober one there. Michelle not drunk but she was a tad tipsy. So, I guess that was why it was so interesting to see her talk to them. Haha!!!

#7. Alyssa came later to take a pic with us.

#8. Poor Alyssa. She was saying her feet hurt. Then the guy heard her and carried her. LOL!!!


#10. Forgot his name. I think it was Luke. Not sure.

#11. Hehe! I made every take a pic of their wrist 'bands.'

I had a blast that day despite the fact that Tiffany and I had to pay $15 bucks to get it while the others only had to pay $10. Zach didn't even pay! He just walked right in!!! Ish!

Other than that, it was great. The guys who went with us were really nice. At one point, the British guys asked us if we wanted a drink, and for some god-knows-what-reason, Lizzie said yes. So, the guys got her and Alyssa drinks. I forgot if it was Allan or Brad, but one of them took the drink from Alyssa and threw it away. Kevin was so nice too. He actually went up some of the British guys and said, "Hey. Look. We don't want them getting drinks from someone they don't know" or somewhere along the lines. I was surprised that Kevin actually did that. They really took care of us I guess. Michelle was the funniest. When one of the British guys asked her if she wanted a drink, she said, "My mum told me not to take drinks from strangers" in the loudest voice. LOL!! I was laughing my ass off!!

It was one of the best club experience. I think this is when I got closer to one of my other roommate. To be honest, before this, I am not that close to Tiffany. I always thought that Tiffany doesn't like to interact with others who she didn't know so well. There was always this awkwardness when there is only the two of us (or maybe it is just me). After Ultra, I can actually feel like I know her so much better. We were even holding hands when we were dancing (afraid of some people on the dance floor). Lol!! And she is also a Twilight fan!! She was the one who got me reading the book.

2. Twister (04/06/2009)

This is another one of our random moments. All of a sudden they were playing Twister at 11pm.

#12. Kory, Travis and Tiffany. They were playing Twister all of a sudden.



#15. Kory and Travis were playing for a real long time, so Michelle decided to join.




#19. Didn't last for 5 minutes and it was game over. LOL!!!

#20. We girls end up playing instead. If you've been reading my blog, you will see that Alyssa is now our 4th roommate cause she seems to replace Lizzie who is never there. Haha!


#22. It was so much more interesting to play with 4 players cause you can get into real funny positions. Haha! Real awkward too!








3. Fort Myers Beach (04/21/2009)


I was never big on going to the beach cause I have been trying to avoid the sun all my life. But since I was leaving, and my fabulous roommates were going to the beach, I went along. My very first time at the beach sun bathing. Haha!!

#31. My roommates, Tiffany, Michelle, Alyssa, and I.

#32. Zach and Alyssa. Zach is... err.. a friend, right Alyssa? Hahah!! Just friends.

#33. Tiffany, Michelle and I

#34. Michelle and I. I just realize I am actually very white next to them. Weird.

#35. Tiffany and I. Can you see the difference!!! I look so pale. It actually looks weird!!!

#36. Me, Alyssa and Michelle

#37. Tiffany and Michelle

#38. Kory and Michelle. Okay, I think Kory is a friend too. A close friend. ^^

#39. They were playing volley ball. I forgot to take a picture when they were skim boarding (err I think that is what it is called)

#40. LOL!! Tiffany was showing how strong/muscular she is for hitting the ball so far.


#42. Haha!! She even has time to pose for me when she is suppose to serve. Oh! Btw, I just found out that Alyssa is more random than I am. So, Jess, Xin Min, I no longer hold the title of being the most random person ever. Alyssa has claim the title all for herself.


#44. Nice hor! Suddenly the birds fly over us in a V formation.


#46. Travis, Tiffany's bf. Okay. There are quite a number of pictures of Travis and Tiffany. No, I am not stalking them. I was just trying to catch a cute couple moment of the two of them. ^^





#51. Michelle was the score keeper. She can't play cause I am not playing. I already know I am not a sports person. So, no point embarrassing myself further by trying. Sorry Michelle. You have to sit next to me throughout the whole game.




#55. I think this guy's name is Greg. He is Travis' friend.

#56. Kory

#57. Zac

#58. We didn't leave till like 3:30pm. They would have stayed longer if Alyssa, Travis and Kory didn't have to work at 5pm.

That is a lot of first times. I just realized that what I am doing now is also a first time thing. I am sitting at an airport for 8 hours for the first time. I have to push 3 bags with me around the airport for the first time. Also, this is the first time it took me 6 hours to write a post.

#59. This has been my view for the past 8 hours. And it will continue to be my view for the next two hours.

#60. I was curious how I look like to others, so I snapped a pic from an outsider's point of view too.

See my bags. They are damn heavy. I sat a plane from Fort Myers to here, Newark cause my flight to Malaysia starts from here. So, after I check in my bags at Fort Myers, I have to get my bags and check back in for another flight. But the bags are so heavy. It was so embarrassing when I tried to heave my bags onto the trolley.

The worst part is, I can't check in my bags into the Malaysia plane yet cause I reach this place at 11am, and my flight won't be till 10pm. So, for the past 8 hours, I have been dragging my bags along with me. To make matters worse, the elevator is broken, and I had to use the employee's elevator to get to the next floor. Even going to the bathroom was tough. I had to push the whole trolley through a real narrow door way and had to use the biggest bathroom there is. But hor, that bathroom door have the cheek to be broken!! The only good thing out of all this is that I got to use my bags to hold the door. Haha!!

Well, I have to go check in my bags now. Finally it is 7:30p.m. I still can't believe I started writing this post since 12p.m. Haha! I might go online again when I have my plane stop by Swedan. Till then~


Xin Min said...

Darling!!!! You're coming home soon!!! Can't wait!!! I will try to come back asap. See you reeaallll soooonnn!!!!

jessieloi said...



oh and will only be seeing you on the 14th may =(


Alyssa Jo said...

i love all the picturess! and i can't believe you spend the whole layover blogging away!!! lol i guess it takes awhile to add picturess. the pictures with me and michelle and the guys in it are funny. they're friends..close friends lol..and from the car blog..i think its awesome having a car and getting to go wherever you want! but it does make sense you will be more likely to spend more money lol..but you got a lot of cute and essential things!

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