Tuesday, April 14, 2009


First of all, I want to say thank you to all those who has commented on my last post. It really helped me consider the options that never crossed my mind. Thanks guys!!

Second of all, I DID THE MOST EMBARRASSING THING IN THE WORLD TODAY!!! Hahah!!! I am not going to say what it is, but I just want to mention it here to vent.

Oh my god!! I don't know what possessed me to do it. I must be dreaming or something to actually do that.

But I am still considering if I should go through with it. No harm trying right??

Hehe!! Well, sorry for not updating my blog recently. Too busy with stuff. Exams is next week. Four presentations this week. Wait, I think it is only three now, since I did one this morning.

Anywayyyy, got to go sleep now. Might mention about what 'embarrassing' thing I did next time. Till then~

HAPPY 21st BIRTHDAY HENG!! May you stay stupid bright and fat buffy for the rest of the year! Enjoy yourself ya!! Btw, you just earned a "FREE FROM ANY FORM OF ABUSE" imaginary card. A gift from me to you. Valid till May 1st. Use it wisely. ^^


clem said...

you danced on top of a bar and did a strip-tease?

jessieloi said...

(continue from Clem) so you thought since you've already tried it why not continue and earn tons of money from there.

Valid until may 1st only? do you know heng will only be back in may? hahahahah!

Dwee said...

clem,If I did that, I would say I was crazy/insane, not embarrassing. If I reach that stage, I would probably be over the stage of embarrassment. LOL!

jessieloi,If that did happen, I would have said, "I am proud of myself cause I finally am very sure what I will do in the future. Be a stripper." LOL!! I am not saying I wan to be a stripper though. Far from that.

Hahahhaha!! His problem then. Hehe!!

hL said...

i openly and wholeheartedly Reject and Return ur gift and since ur in US u have a 1 week return policy and money back guarantee!!

oh on 2nd thought. nah. i abuse u online la u short stumpy midgety pouty mongolian mongrel.

thanks anyway =)

kh said...

you farted in bed while your room mates were watching you sleep.
you tore your shorts while attempting to climb the stairs by every 3 steps.
you tore your shorts, then farted while walking in front of a few people...

Dwee said...

hL,LOL!! That is fine. You can verbally abuse me. We've known each other for 3 years now, and you haven't stop. So, why would you stop now. Anyway, if you don't want the card, dun complain the next time I abuse you physically/mentally ar. Haha!!

kh,.......where do you come up with all these gross examples la. You so descriptive some more. Haha!! They are no where near close though.