Wednesday, April 1, 2009

I wonder..

1. How do some blogger keep their blog so updated?

I don't know about you but I usually take hours to update a post. This has nothing to do with my internet connection. So, only god knows why I take so long to write and upload my pictures.

2. What do you write when you do find time to write a post?

I am so jealous that my friends could write such interesting posts all the time.

I really do want to come up with interesting stuff and now "I don't have a life" excuse does not work anymore. Many of my friends would a normal day and make it into a interesting one.

The answer: creative writing skills. I just found out I have no skills in writing whatsoever. It makes it worse when I am not freaking creative.

Creative writing skill is one thing. Writing whatever pops up in your mind is another. In other words, being god damn blunt. I see myself as a very blunt person at times but when I am suppose to write for this or an essay, my freaking mind like goes haywire and I can't be as blunt.

The best is to be spontaneous and not as self-conscious, which is what I am trying to achieve.

That is why, I am now, sitting at the back corner of the class, ignoring my professor who is giving me disapproving glances as I type away on my laptop.

I am being spontaneous by deciding to type this post in the middle of my class. I am being spontaneous by taking a picture with my webcam and edit it in the middle of a class discussion. I am being less self conscious with how my professor think about me. I don't care that this might affect his perspective about me. I don't even care that it might turn my current A to a B. It doesn't even matter that I am the only one who has her laptop open now even after he said we shouldn't have our laptops in class indirectly. It doesn't even matter.. okay. I think that is enough because I am freaking myself out.

I think I will stop here because this is like the 8th time he is looking at me with that piercing stare. Yea. I will stop right here.


jessieloi said...

happy la now, sudah tahu watermark your photos hahaha.

Xin Min said...

haha!!! I also wonder how come ppl's blog can be so interesting but mine... *shy* Maybe we should sign up for seminars or talks on how to be a good blogger. XD

Dwee said...

Yea! Still got a long way to go with editing my pictures though. Hehe! Thanks for you help!!!

Xin Min,
You are actually getting better ^^ See la. I so good. When you started to blog, I didn't complain so much. Sigh. I am such a supportive friend. LOL!!!