Thursday, November 6, 2008

And the madness continues..

I would have to say that this is almost like a continuation of my previous post

Remember how I said I would be bringing my camera to class everyday now. Well, I did. And it turned out, I got to take the picture with everyone in my Performing Culture class (the blackout class from previous post). This time, I was at least 10 minutes early to class, so I got to make everyone take a picture with me.

Before I show the pictures, I want to thank Lane for being my camera man. I feel so bad cause he was talking and I kept asking him to take the pictures for me. He has steady hands okay! That's why the pictures turn out so well! That and because I am in the picture also la. Hehe!!

Maryanna, Kristin, me, Valerie S. and Valerie H.

Dana, Kelly, Caitlin P., Caitlin K., Stacie and me.

Top:Julie, Megan, Colleen, Michael, Catherine. Bottom: Madison, me and Rebeka.

Lauren and I.

Me, Alyssa, and Chris. I didn't want to post this picture cause I look so bad here, but Alyssa and Chris looks good. So it should be fine. Dun care la.

Just want to let you know lo. It is not easy getting these pictures. Had to throw away my pride awhile and say, "Take a picture with me pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!" Haha! But they were really nice. Did you notice that there were only a few guys and mostly girls? Haha! I dunno why though.

Anyway, aren't you surprised I got all their names? Even the girl I said I didn't remember in my previous post. I cheated though. When we did our performances, as an audience, we were suppose to analyze our classmate's performances as well. I had all their names in my notes, so I just peeked from there. Hehe!

Even in my Principles of PR class there are only like 4 guys I think. Oh!!! That reminds me. Something happened in class today. Damn funny(well, I find it funny. I don't know about you)

Nico, Jade and I

Well, as you can see in these two top pictures, there are mostly all girls right? There was this girl who walked in to class today. Two guy friends(not gonna name them) around me were suddenly mouthing out the words (Is that even a correct way to say it?) and stealing glances at this girl. Actually one of them had a stunned expression on his face and his mouth was hanging wide open. At first I didn't get it. Then I realized they were talking about the girl's rack!! LOLX!!! I was laughing like mad! I have to say, they were huge though.

The funny thing was, after that(the stunned look and mouth wide open happened before class started), while Prof. Moniz was teaching, they would have a silent conversation (mostly through eye contact and small hand gestures cause they sat two seats apart). Since I was sitting in between them, I could see it. They were actually rating girls' rack!! Damn cha dou wei!!

Anyway, that is about all. Gonna end here by saying, I AM NOT JOBLESS ANYMORE! I will be working starting tomorrow. Yes!! Income has finally arrived! Will show you pictures of my workplace next time. Till then~

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