Monday, November 17, 2008

Fun day

Hahaha! Things that happened today was pretty eventful and hilarious.

Incident #1:

One of my roommates actually set the fire alarm off. Hehe! She was trying to cook chicken and she had the temprature for the stove up so high. So, the pan got really hot and she put butter on it. Since she didn't on the stove fan thingy that absorbs the smoke/heat and all our windows were shut cause of the air conditioning, the whole dorm started to get smokey. There was kinda like a burn smell and the fire alarm just went off. LOLXX!!

She paniced and was like, "Audrey! I set the fire alarm off! Oh my gosh!" Hahah!! She is so funny. I ran out to help her and yes, I helped her cook her chicken. We opened all the windows and she was using a towel and fanning the fire alarm sensor cause she didn't want it to keep going off.

We were so afraid that the fire brigade would come cause it went off like 3 times. Haha!!!

Incident #2:

Well, hours later, I caught her doing math homework, and she was using this thing on the computer where you put your equation in and it gives you the answers. So, we were kinda racing. I would do it by hand and she would use the computer thing. Hehe!! I ended up doing her math homework for her! I volunteered of course. I was bored okay. And it was easy.

While I was doing my roommate's homework, she and my other roommate and a friend of ours were trying on different bras!! Good god! They were changing right out in the hallway with a big mirror infront of them. Even with their backs facing me, I would have been able to see them
through the mirror. One of them some more ask me to try on the bras!! Damn cha dou! Haha!!

We were all gathered at that room, and they changed in front of the mirror. Good god! My roommates are hilarious at times!


jessieloi said...

hahahahaha your rommates were trying bras?! why nvr join them ahahaha.

btw i damn suka your toilet! it looks like a hotel's toilet!

Dwee said...

Yea. ^^ You crazy ka? I doing my roommate's homework and I don't want try on people's bra la. It'll be so embarrassing if I can't 'fill' up the cup. LOLX!!

Hehe! Thank you thank you! Now, let's just hope my other roommate likes it enough to keep it clean!