Saturday, November 15, 2008

Maybe hor...

Hmm, I was just wondering, since I am always looking back into the past and I am too lazy to write a handwritten diary, I might as well take this as a daily journal. Obviously I can't call this a diary cause EVERYONE and ANYONE can read it. But if the post is too personal, I'll just put a password to it lo. Wah! So smart ar me! *Pat myself on the head*

Sigh. Today I skipped my Chinese class.. AGAIN. I think this is like the 5th time I'm skipping liao. What to do. They were giving an exam today le. And I haven't practice all the Chinese characters yet. Surely flunck that exam one. So, I just email-ed Liu Laoshi and said I am too busy preparing for finals, no time to go for the exam. Hehe! Not an excuse! It is quite true okay.

I didn't skip my Chinese class to sleep too. Had a meeting with my Performing Culture group to discuss about our performance which is due on Wed(11/19).

Alyssa, me, Maria and Chris

Opps! Just realized this picture is missing another member. Sorry Maryanna. Will take a picture of all 5 of us when we can k?

The thing with groups is, it is very frustrating when not all members are participating and when we all have time conflict. I am not saying that all four of them are a pain in the ass or anything. It is more like this whole performance itself is a pain in the ass.

I was getting so mad that after being approved by our prof of what we can say in our performance, and after approximately 5 meetings, we were still discussing about who should stand where and when to dim or off the lights.

I mean, COME ON!! Get on with the program already!! It's just that we were so into all these trivial stuff that we forgot the main point of this performance lo. We were more concern about the lighting and placing than what message we want to send to the audience through our performance. And it is not like we always get to have all five of us meet together all the time you know! Time is precious!

Well, at least we actually progressed a lot today. We did a recording where we say 'racists statements.' We say it line by line at first, clearly and slowly at first. Then we go faster and faster. This is to show that we are hearing these racist comments, and it gets so overwhelming like when you are trying to think in a crowded place but all you can hear are the loud chattering around you. It was really fun doing that cause we had to stop ourselves from laughing all the time.

We finally had a whole outline of where we stand, the transition among ourselves and our ending too. Our performance should be good but I think we could do much better. Maybe I am just being too hard on myself/the performance. Maybe the performance will come together nicely once we get our actual script written down and have a proper rehearsal . I'm keeping my fingers crossed! >.<

*Whispers* I hope Alyssa isn't reading this. I gave her my blog site the other day so that she could get pictures. Keeping my fingers cross for this too =P

Later, Dad came and we went to get lunch/dinner. To those of you who has never seen my dad (well, that would basically mean almost everyone hor?), I introduce to you, CHOW AH MING!!

LOLXXX!!! I wonder what he would say if he knew I put a picture of him like that on my blog. My mum was saying the other day when she saw her picture in my blog, "Of all pictures, you had to choose the ugliest. Can't you put a nicer picture of your mother and sis?" And my answer was, "Nope! Where is the fun in that?" MUAHAHAHAH!!!!

I wanna show you my dad's car too. For some reason, he is kinda proud of his car, but I don't think he would ever admit it out loud.

Oooh! This reminds me. I have to take a picture of my mum's car too! For remembrance ^^ (Remind me ya, Amanda Chow! Or you can take the picture and send to me k?)

Went to P.F.Changs to eat.

The food here not bad you know. I go there to eat every weekend.

Then went to Target to restock food in my dorm. Hmm, will take a picture of Target and Publix next time to show you guys what the 'supermarket' is like. Maybe should take a picture of the mall also hor?

Enough of that. Didn't do much after that liao. Came home, surf net and eat again. Now I'm off to study, surprisingly. Hope I don't fall asleep again.


jessieloi said...

i dont think you can password protect your post in blogspot dear. which is why i am moving to wordpress. heh.

Dwee said...

Really?!?!? Paiseh! Haha! Then I don't write lo. Or I write in codes that only I can read lo!