Saturday, November 15, 2008

Lazy lar..

Aiyoh! I suddenly start to feel like writing a blog post is almost like homework liao.

Some more I notice alot of people now missing in action/stop writing in their blog liao. Is it too much of a hassle ar?

Several reasons why I am getting tired of writing a post:

#1. Finals around the corner and assignments up to my neck!

#2. No life

#3. Takes up too much time to write one bloody post.

#4. No life.

#5. Seeing others MIA in their own blog, my passion for writing in blogs also degrade liao.

#6. No life.

#7. Fat liao. So don't have the self-esteem to take pic of myself.

#8. No life.

Hmm, that's about it la.

I'm just feeling pretty lousy these few days due to uni pressure. Until I get some pretty good reasons to write, I think I will also slack abit la k?

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