Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Happy Birthday To Me!

Let me clear up one thing first. The reason why I always end some of my recent post with a "p/s: I'm still 19!" is not to try and indicate that my birthday is coming.

It was just my way of comforting myself and to deny that I am turning 20. I could not and still is having a hard time accepting the fact that I have already left my teenage years and am ascending into my adult one.

Even if I want to deny it now also cannot liao. Not only have I turned 20 as of today, I have freaking many friends who kept taunting me with, "You cannot deny liao. You old lo! You turn 20 liao!"

Lolx!! You all like damn happy I am turning old like that! Is it not enough that you guys are old, but you HAVE to pull such a good and adorable friend(me) with you. It almost sounds like you guys feel much better with being old by teasing and taunting me lo!! Hehe!

Well, to be honest, I am actually having a pretty happy birthday this year. Haven't felt like this in many years. Not that I am sad during all my other birthdays, just that, I think I feel happier cause I got several unexpected presents, dinner, and some things I want for my birthday.

Had a birthday dinner with my roommates, Michelle and Lizzie. Oh! And Alyssa too! I told Michelle a million times I did not wanted to celebrate but she kept insisting.

A reason why I did not want to celebrate is because some of my ex-roommate use to say that they would bring me out and eat also. In the end, they were more like saying it just for the sake of saying. Did not really had any intention of doing so.

So, this time I did not wanted to have my hopes up high and just to be brought down by disappointment. And luckily, Michelle did not disappoint.

It was on Sunday (11/23).

All my roommates are from Cape Coral, 30 minutes drive away from Fort Myers. They usually all leave on Thursday, after their last class for the week, and come back on Sunday. I thought they weren't gonna come back for the dinner cause by 5 pm, no one was in sight.

By 6pm, Michelle came back and started insisting on going to dinner. So, we waited for Lizzie to come back from cheerleading practice, and Alyssa from her sorority chapter.

Then we dressed up and went to Outback, a western steak house.

Had this on. First time going out without a jacket. But since we were indoor most of the time, the freezing temperature did not matter.

Michelle and I. She is the best! Really nice of her to do this.

Michelle, me and Alyssa. We were in Alyssa's dorm. She needed to change after her chapter meeting with her sorority.

Alyssa and Michelle.

LOLXX!! This part was funny. We were pumping gas and unfortunately for Michelle, there were some older (not so good looking) guys next to us. They kept whistling, looking at us(according to Michelle) and honking their cars. It was damn funny. I did not even notice them till Michelle told us. Michelle and I did not dare look at them but Alyssa was actually checking them out to see if got cute guy or not!

Michelle got in the car and started driving away.
Michelle: Oh my gosh! They kept looking at us and whistling.
I was too busy snapping pictures to notice.
Me: Really? I didn't know. *laughs*
Michelle: They were not even cute looking. And they are OLD!
Alyssa: Yea. They are old! But one of them was kinda cute.
Michelle made a funny face. I just laughed.
Me: You actually looked at them? I didn't even dare turn around.
Alyssa: Well, they didn't see me I guess. They were looking at Michelle.

You gotta love them. They are too funny.

Anyway, we picked Lizzie up, and went to Outback. Michelle is really nice. There was an Outback restaurant near our college, like 5 minutes away, but she drove all the way to the other Outback that was like 15-20 minutes away just cause I wanted to go to Outback.

The thing is, Lizzie had two birthday parties to go to. One was mine, and another her other friend. Her friend was having her party at the Outback near our college, so we had to go to the other one. Lizzie went to her friend's party for awhile, then told them she has a test to do and left early. Then she joined us.

Michelle and Lizzie, my roommates.

Alyssa and me. Lolx!! Didn't realize Alyssa looked like that in this pic. Haha!!

Our appetizers. Wings and..

..fried onions. Both also taste DAMN DELICIOUS!

Stupid me. Was to busy eating that I forgot to take a pic of main course. So took these instead.

My roommates are just too crazy. Hehe!

My other roommate, Tiffany, couldn't come cause at first we told her we were going to P.F. Chang's, but suddenly changed our minds. Michelle sent her a text telling her the change of location but she didn't recieved it, so she end up at P.F. Chang's while we were at Outback. Sorry Tiffany.

They even had a small surprise for me. Nothing very grand but was very surprising and touching. Half way through our dinner, Lizzie got up and said she wanted to get some more cherries for her drink(Sherly Temple) at the bar. But actually, she went and told the waiter that it was my birthday and they gave us free ice cream! They even sang a song. Forgot what song d. I think it was like,

"Happy happy birthday, may all your dreams come true..*something something something*, Hey!"

Haha! Can't really remember.

Made me do this stupid pose. I look damn retarded.

Thank you guys!

Present from Michelle. Thanks gurl! You shouldn't have.

Then, I got some things I wanted for quite some time too. Michelle took me to Target the next day cause I told her I want her opinion on something. I end up buying two stuff and putting them on my dad's tab as my birthday present. Hehe!

My lovable boots!! Damn comfortable!! Been dying to have these for so long!! Fashionable and cozy!!! Absolutely love them!

MY SCARF!!! LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!!! You have no idea how soft it is. And how well it keeps me warm. LOVE IT!!

Hehe! What do you think? I love them though no matter what you say!!

My lovely boots!!

OOh! And I got a video from Jess, Xin Min and Heng Li. I am trying to upload it here but having difficulties cause I damn noob with uploading videos. Can anyone help me??

And I also want to thank everyone for their birthday wishes and their "warm" welcome into adulthood. Haha!!

I suddenly feel very grateful to have..

such a wonderful boyfriend, Danny Hor;

ever loving family, mum, dad and my annoying sis;

damn SS and dependable/unreplacable friends, Jess, Xin Min, Heng Li, Jun and Natalie;

always entertaining and great friends, Danny's hing tai(too many to name all, you guys know who you are) and all my old classmates;

and of course, the new friends I've got to meet, Jess's group of USJ 8 friends and my US friends.

Thank you guys so much!!


Anonymous said...

we are damn "unreplacable" right! hahahahahah!

you are welcome. heh. don't worry 20 is not old yet!

Aaron said...

no 20 is SO SO DAMM old la..dunnoe whats u ppl prob wif matter how u dun like it also it wont go away just like the saying there is 2 things in life no1 can avoid its death and taxes..

im even older than u le..never here me complain what u wish for yr bday??grow ta*l*r??haha

Natalie said...

Ugg boots + scarf? Very winter-ish. =)Nice.