Saturday, November 22, 2008

Tired but happier ^^

Phew! Been working since 4pm till now(11:00pm). Very tired. But at least my luck wasn't as bad as yesterday's.

Had a really fun time at work today. Maybe it is because I was working with, Stacie, Kenny, Jeremy, and had Carter as our supervisor instead of 'mother chicken' from yesterday. They are such a fun group to work with. Too bad not all of us work on the same day. And I only get to work with them today cause I had to cover for Alyssa who had a formal to go to.

Btw, remember my Performing Culture class? The one where we had to perform here..

I know I didn't mention this but I had a performance on Wednesday that our group (Maryanna, Chris, Alyssa, Maria and I) worked really hard on and guess what, it turned out better than we thought.

Little mistakes here and there (eg: forgotten couple of lines, sound for the power point was too soft etc.), but other than that, it was great although I did feel that it was okay only. Everyone in class said it was fantastic though, and my prof. was so happy with it that she wanted us to perform for both nights on the public opening show (we have to perform it to the public in place of our final exam).

Even Stacie (the girl who I work with and have the same class too) was saying how 'powerful' our performance was and said that out of all other performers, ours was the best. It was great hearing such great comments. I mean, Stacie's performance was really REALLY good, and to hear such a praise from her is a plus. Not to mention how happy our prof. is.

'A,' here we come!

At least all our hard work paid off. Even if I did complain about how much a pain in the ass this group thing was, I am actually pretty happy with my group. I think it is because every member actually contribute ideas to the performance. You know how sometimes when you are in a group thing, some people tend to slack off and all. But not in my case. Yes, there are times where it irritated me cause every time we met, we didn't seem to be going anywhere. But with the last few meetings before the big day, we really did a lot and EVERYONE contributed.

Ooo! That reminds me. I have to run off to write the script now. I volunteered to write the whole script down. Will upload the video of the performance when I get it from my prof. Ja ne~

p/s: I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19. I'm still 19! I'm still 19!! I'm still 19!!! I'M STILL 19!!!!


Aaron said...

swt enjoy yr 19th days la..soon to be 20 d..

ehh u noe wats the diff b/w uni in mys n US other then it looks like a place to go for yr honeymoon??

yr class so big but got little mys no way man..must MAXIMISE profits kao kao least twice the amount of chairs if the room were to be as big as yrs..lolz

Natalie said...

in few days time. muahahahahaha. ejoy ur last few days of being 19.

Dwee said...

NOOOO!!! I'm still 19!!

Haha! Dunno. Anyway, that place is like a place for the guest speakers from outside come and talk one. But we just had our performance there cause classroom not enough space.

Sob sob!! I'm still 19!!!!!!!!!