Friday, November 21, 2008

I am not happy.. not at all!!

MOTHER F**KER!!! Okay. Maybe I shouldn't use such vulgar words. But DAMN IT!!! Today has not been a good day for me.

First I woke up with a freaking headache!

Then I have my supervisor over my shoulder checking on me every half an hour like a mother chicken.

Then I lose the diamond on my f**king ring!!!!!!

Oh! Did I mention that I have to do my laundry now too? And it is freaking 12 in the morning!!!!!


Let me show you the place I work.

I wanted to show you guys the place I work but this was not how I thought I would be showing you. I have to show you these pictures though so that you get a rough idea on what I'm talking about.

This is where I work

Once you come in through the entrance you'll see me sitting there doing cashier stuff. Behind me(well, the girl there is obviously not me but that is where I usually sit when I am working as cashier) is the vegan station. Mostly salad and stuff.

We usually put a display of what food we will be serving that night/day.

The sitting area. It is much nicer than subway's. They even have booths.

Another angle of vegan station.

Ice cream/bread/cereal station.

Cooler station. All the drinks thingy.

Grill station.

Aiya, just realized I forgot to take the pizza station. Nvm la. It's just a station similar to the others but it serves pizza, subs, wraps, stuff like that.

I work from 4:30-9:30pm but usually gets home only at 10:30pm cause we have to clean the whole freaking place. The point is, this is a place is freaking huge and we have to clean it every night.

Usually, my job is just to clean the desert, ice-cream and cooler area. But my supervisor tonight is a trainee-supervisor, so she is trying to impress everyone to get that position, which ends up making her annoying as hell.

She hovers over me all the time and keeps telling me what to do. I mean, it's not my first day working here you know. I know what to do! You don't have to tell me what I should do, how I should do it, and when I should do them! I usually get things done on time! I mean she is nice and all but she is just too annoying sometimes.

Then, I think she realized I was annoyed with her, so she came up and 'gosok kasut' like that and said, "I went and check the schedule on the nights you work and I noticed you always clean up the place the cleanest," or somewhere along the line. Don't know true or not. Sounds like gosok kasut to me.

What made me really annoyed besides my supervisor is that, this guy who was suppose to help and clean, left!! He just clocked out when the clock strikes 9pm cause that's what his schedule says. But wtf!! I am suppose to leave at 9:30pm and I know for a fact that others have to leave earlier too but they didn't leave their work unfinished and just walk out!! WTF!!!

I had to mop the bloody area and everything cause of that!! And I actually finished cleaning my area earlier than usual today! I didn't plan to finish early just to clean your freaking slack jerk!! Bloody hell!!

I got off work at 10:45pm. And we were not even done yet, but we(me and my other co-workers excluding my supervisor) had to clock out cause boss will scold if we stay for too long cause we are getting paid on the clock. Poor supervisor though. She had to finish everything before she could leave even if we were not there anymore.

Might as well show you the new dorm area.

The place I am staying right now is called the North Lake Village. This is the new dorm area called the South Lake Village. Their dorms are more on the traditional side. Their style is not like mine. They only have one kitchen on one floor and bathrooms are outside. Everybody has their own room, except those who are sharing rooms. Almost like Kok Hong's, Xin Min's, Jess's and Suet Li's dorm style I think.

The lobby.

A vague image of what it kinda look like inside. I can't enter to get more pictures cause I need swipe my student id card to get in and I am not the resident there, so I doubt my card would work.

And this is where the bus stop is. It is like forty minutes walk to main campus or 4 minutes drive. I wouldn't recommend walking. Thank god I live in North Lake cause since I don't have a car, I will have to wait for the stupid shuttle all the time just to get me to class and I am not a punctual person. Having to depend on the shuttle to get me to class on time definitely would not help my punctuality.


Now, I know maybe this is not a big deal to some of you. I mean, "You lost the diamond? So what? Just get a new one."

My problem is not the price or anything. Okay, maybe I care a bit about the price too but that is not the whole point why I am really upset.

This ring is my birthday present from my mum and to those of you who don't know that, I care a lot for sentimental value. One reason why I take a lot of pictures.

The freaking diamond must have dropped off when I was cleaning at my work place. I am so piss and really devastated right now that I don't even know how to put it in words. Cursing does not even help at this point!

My mum said she would get me a new one, but I don't want to get a new one just cause I lost this one. She was even laughing when she joke about how I should write down when I got this ring and when I lost the diamond.

She's got a lot of jewelery for me before but it is because I asked for it. It is different for this one though. She got it out of the blue without me asking or anything and I really treasure that. I.. am so sorry mum.


As if my day, I mean night, can't get any worst. Like I said before, I have to do my laundry now (it is freaking 1:00am) in this freaking cold weather where I only have shorts and t-shirts to wear cause all my long pants need to be washed.

Anyway, after I put my clothes in the washing machine, I wanted to get a snack from the vending machine.

The snack I want is D10..

but since the buttons on the machine is like this..

I didn't notice the 10. I thought I had to press D, then 1, then 0. Sigh, So I ended up pressing D1 and when I was about to press 0, the stupid snack that I DID NOT want came out instead.

I'm guessing that someone up there must really have a grudge on me because for god knows what reason, I wanted to get Twix..

.. but since I pressed the bloody wrong button and I got this instead.

What the hell is Cheese on Wheat!! Who eat this stuff!!! Now, not only did I waste my money on this crap but I have to either choke this down or give it to someone who is willing to eat it!

Can this day/night get any worst. I just hope whoever up there no longer holds a grudge on me. Maybe after all these bad luck, good luck is right behind?

p/s: For some unknown reason, the internet window keeps closing automatically when I try to post pictures. It took me so much longer just to upload this freaking post! Please forgive me, whoever is up there and let me have my good luck back!

F**K!! It is 2:24am now. After I wrote this post, I went and put my clothes in the dryer but luck was not on my side again.

The dryer machine looks like this.. and bottom combine thingy.

And the buttons are like this.

As you can see, the thing is combine. Every dryer cost 75 cents and it runs for 60 minutes. I inserted 75 cents for the top dryer and pressed 'delicate' to start it. Then I inserted another 75 cent for the bottom. But this stupid thing is so stupid!!

When my top dryer was running, I opened it(the dryer stops once you open it and to restart it, you just have to press 'delicate' again) to put some clothes to my bottom dryer to even things out. So, when I closed the top dryer, and press 'delicate' again, the thing ate the 75 cents that was for my bottom dryer and my top dryer is now gonna run for 90 minutes!!! Then I have to put another freaking 75 cents for my bottom dryer again!!! BLOODY F**KING HELL!!!!

What is wrong with me today?? How can my luck get so bad? Is it because I've been skipping meetings and my Chinese classes? If it is, I am sorry!! I am still gonna skip my Chinese class tomorrow but please forgive me after that! PLEAAAAAAAAAAAAASSSSSSSSSEEEEEEEEEEE!!!


xinmin said...

oh goodness drey.. when i saw the part u lost ur diamond i think it was damn shitty edi..

then i read about ur supervisor..

then ur dryer..

but on the snack thingy, i saw the num 10 button immediately. i couldn't help but to laugh at, i mean mistake. =)

AND my dorm is definitely not like that, if ure meaning the concept, FYI my dorm got no kitchen one!! my dorm, hostel, whatever, looks like those haunted motels in the horror movies. i'm freaking serious. i bring u go visit when ure back k??

and oh, CHEER UP!!! =)

kh said...

your uni really look like resort la.... its not a place to study

and where got look like my hostel... mine dont have high tech security

and you know, i lost the necklace i've been wearing since std 4 .. or 3 ... if you remember i wore any necklace at all... i lost it a few weeks ago... damn!!

and .. yerrr ... your laundry so damn nice and clean... well i cant complain.. my rent is less than USD60

jessieloi said...

... are you sure you're in uni?!? my uni doesn't look like that at all.

cheeer up! when i go back i will pray you find your diamond in your room lying somewhere.

Dwee said...

Sigh, yea. That was such bad day. I was really sad when I lost the diamond. And the supervisor thingy, and dryer thing just add on to my frustration you know.

LOLX!!! Isn't it something like that? Well, I did write, "..I think." cause I wasn't sure if your dorm is like that or not.

Lolx!! I'll take that as a compliment. Thank you ^^ I think everything looks nice cause my university is only 10+ years old.

Haha!!! I just think it is like that only. I wasn't 100% sure. That's why I said, "..I think."

Sigh. Damn sad rite? I can feel your pain!

HAhaa!! Thank you. Haha!! If I am that lucky then I buy anything affordable for you back as souvenir lo. ^^

Aaron said...

ehh its not yr bad luck day la..jus carefull la..all also yr fault wan except for yr DIAMOND(wonder who would have found it) everything also wrong..haha..

Dwee said...

Wah!! Aaron is actually being so nice and giving me advice!!! Who are you and what have you done to the real Aaron?!?!?!

Hehe! Yea. My mum was laughing so hard at my *ahem* stupidity too =.=