Tuesday, January 6, 2009

First Day of Spring '09

Well, it wasn't that bad. I mean, the professors just kinda gave out the syllabus, talked about what we would be doing in class. The usual, you know.

Then my Theories of Human Communication professor started talking about how we are going to have quizzes every week. And how she wants our final group presentation to be WELL RESEARCHED. How each person in the group need at least 5 citation and what not.

Later, my Public Relations Writing professor talked about us writing an essay every week. How we are going to choose an REAL organization and request to help write promotional pieces (news/press releases, brochures, PSAs, Pitch letter, etc.) for the company. How we are suppose to invite the REAL client to come in our class and listen to our oral presentation so that they could consider publishing our promotional pieces.

Yea. It's just the usual. Nothing special.

I hope tomorrow is not as usual as today though, or I am not gonna be able to hold on to my new year resolution (getting 5A's).


Remember where I work? At SoVi. Campus dining area.

#1. SoVi Fresh Food Company. I should take it when the sun is setting. When the sunlight hits the water at the right angel, it just makes a breathtaking and relaxing sorta pic. Will do so when I get the right timing.

I had to work yesterday (Sunday). I was suppose to go in at 4:30p.m., but my manager called me in at like 2:30p.m.

#2. My manager, Ted. He is the best. Really nice guy! Dunno if he allows me to post his pic up here or not. Hope he doesn't see this. Hehe!

Worked all the way to 10p.m. Was suppose to stay longer but had a really really bad migraine.

You know the one where when every small little noise you hear is like a loud banging in your head? Or like when the lights are blinding your eyes that it makes your head hurts more? Or like whatever you smell makes you feel real nausea? Yea. That's how mine was.

It was so bad that I had to leave work early and when I took a pill for it, my dinner came right back up my throat and into the toilet bowl. Not a pretty site. Gross!

Couldn't even get a peaceful sleep cause my freaking 'neighbor' who lives in the next building had his/her stereo at the highest volume. Since his/her room is next to mine because both our buildings are like next to each other or sorta joined, I could hear his/her stereo. Every beat sounded like there was a hammer banging on my skull. I seriously, almost, went over to his/her dorm in my ugly sweater and pajamas to give him a piece of my mind!

Anyway, I just found out that my manager is giving me 15 hours of work a week, which is what I wanted. Thank god!! I thought I would have to find a job somewhere else to get my hours cause the last time I checked, I only had 2 shifts (which is only 10 hours). Now I have 3! Yay me!!

Thurs: 11-3:30p.m.
Fri: 4-10p.m.
Sun: 4:30-10p.m.

Also, just found out, that I am only getting paid $8 an hour but my friends are getting $8.50. Don't know if I should talk to my manager about it or not? If I do, what am I suppose to say?

"Hey, how come she is getting $8.50 an hour but I am only getting $8?"

Even that sounds stupid/rude in my head. So I figure I would let it slide. They treat me really nice. So it should be fine.

We'll see how it goes. I'm getting some shut eyes now. Got a 9:30a.m. class tomorrow. Toodles~!

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