Wednesday, January 14, 2009


One thing great about US, is that most of the things, you can return before 14-30 days. Not to mention customer service is fantastic here.

I was talking to my dad yesterday while we were having dinner at P.F. Chang's (again). I mentioned how good customer services are here in US. All he said was, "They are suppose to be like that." I find it fascinating cause my dad and I have been living in different countries for over 18 years now. So, when I come to the United States and I get such great services, I can't help but compare it with M'sia. He has been so used to these services that he found it as natural.

As most of you know, I am VERY picky with food. I hate it when I specifically told the person making my food that I don't want something in it (or I want it in a certain) and he/she still gives you something else, apologize and make me pay for something I don't want.

I remember one time.. actually, several times, when I would go to JS yumcha with Danny and his hing tai. I would order a burger with nothing but bread, chicken and tomato sauce. The first time, the guy would make a mistake, apologize and make me pay for it. The second time, when I specifically told him about what happened previously and emphasize him not to make that mistake again. Yet, he still made the same mistake and he dare bring the freaking burger to me, say sorry and ask for money. I should have listened to Yuen Loong that time when he told me to tell the guy, "Kalau salah tak payah bayar." I didn't though and I soo regret it. Up till this day, whenever I think about it, I still get mad.

Now, here in US, such thing doesn't even exist! Have I told you before how I got chicken wings as appetizer, lamb chop with mash potatos and aussie chips (french fries) as my main course and a refillable cup of coke, all for free?? I even got to box my leftovers back home (which is very common here). That is because the service was pretty bad. The manager herself came up and said, "Don't worry about it. You are covered" and all we had to pay was the tips.

I am not being bias here. At P.F.Chang's, my dad ordered some kind of vegetable but did not finished 2/3 of it. The manager saw this and asked what's wrong. My dad said it didn't taste very good and we didn't have to pay for that dish.

See what I mean? It is all about keeping a profitable customer relationship. Think of it like this. You might have lost several hundred bucks on small dishes or meals, but gain customer's respect and trust. This will make them keep coming back for more. I find this as common sense which the guy from the mamak at JS lacks/is in desperate need of!

Well, yesterday, my dad got free stuff from Staples (a place where they sell pens, pencils, paper, ink, etc.) that was just opened not long ago. They were giving out mouse pads, staplers, coupons, etc.

#1. Isn't this cool?!? We can put our picture in our mouse pads.

#2. Got this too. A huge stapler for free. According to my dad, it is nice to use. But not going to cause I like my small faithful stapler that has been with me for 4 years now.

I just think that Malaysia could do so much better if they just stop being so kiam siap.

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