Thursday, January 29, 2009


I realized that many people wrote a Chinese New Year post and then abandon their blogs. Understandable. It is Chinese New Year and they do have to go enjoy the holidays rather than sitting in front of their computers/laptops to update their blog.

I had a wonderful Chinese New Year last year. I got to enjoy Chinese New Year with my Chinese class, make dumplings, etc. Just tons of fun.

This year was plain. Besides the constant shouting of "Happy Chinese New Year" from my roommate Michelle, and exams/assignments/quizzes, it was more or less like any other ordinary day. Michelle was a tad crazy that day though. Once she found out it was Chinese New Year, she started shouting and texting me, "Happy Chinese New Year," even when she is only two doors away from my room.

I love having her as a roommate though.

She brought me to Target to do some grocery shopping today. You wouldn't believe how much I spent on groceries alone. Well, groceries and clothes I would say. But try guessing. I broke my previous grocery shopping record of $60.

I love those clothes. First I picked this..

#1. A St. Patrick's Day t-shirt and a work out pants. The t-shirt is too cute to pass. I'm still thinking if I should return the pants or not because they are a bit expensive and I might not need them. Or maybe I might. I don't know. Also, a sports bra. They were so cute.

Then, while I was changing, Michelle came to the dressing room with these..

#2. LOVE THE SHORTS!! Got two of them. One green and one khaki. Michelle match them up for me.

#3. The khaki shorts. There were two more outfits that Michelle picked but I didn't really like them. Only got these.

Later, when we got home, we cooked dinner together.

She made marinated chicken and broccoli, and I made marinated shrimp and rice. We make a pretty good team. ^^

#1. Michelle and her chicken

#2. Microwaved broccoli. Hehe! Taste pretty good although they are only microwaved broccoli.

#3. Me cooking shrimp! This is actual proof that I did the cooking and it is edible seeing as both of us are still alive and well.

#4. My perfect rice.

#5. Tada! Our dinner.

It was sorta like a wonderful day out with my fabulous roommate. I think I need to listen to Michelle and go to the gym with her the next time she goes. I am getting fat. Can't you tell from my pictures. Face getting too round for my liking.

New Goal: Slim down for my cousin sis's wedding.

p/s: Btw, I spent $113.80 on groceries today. Crazy huh? You should have seen my reaction when I was paying for it at the cash register. Classic. Note to self: Watch how much I am spending.

pp/s: Got exam tomorrow. Wish me luck. I mean it. WISH ME LUCK!!

ppp/s: Hehe! Almost forgot. Happy Chinese New Year everyone! Gong Xi Fa Cai!

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