Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Kansas City

Okay. Update on American Idol. Nothing big happened.

I only remember several who I thought were good. There is this guy who I think lost his wife not long ago. He was really good. There were two nerds that really stand out too. And another guy called "Nap-dog" I think.

AND!!! Jason Castro was there too!!! Remember the 4th runner up of last season's American Idol. The guy with dreamy blue eyes and dread locks.

#1. Jason Castro. Remember now?

This time his younger brother, Michael Castro auditioned!!

#2. Michael Castro. The guy with pink streak in his hair and holding Jason's picture.

It was pretty interesting to watch his younger brother audition. I was so scared for him cause if he didn't have a good voice like his brother did, it would have been pretty embarrassing. Also, with Michael telling the judges that he has never sing before in his life, and just started singing 20 days before the audition wasn't really reassuring. But he did pretty well for someone who just started singing a month ago and he got in! Jason was like, "I'm astounded. I've never heard him sing before." Haha!! Jason is such a nice and sweet guy.

Can't wait to see the other auditions. You'll see a lot more of these short American Idol posts because I've never watched American Idol from the VERY beginning before. So, I find it very fascinating.

And I want to show you the new judge, Kara DioGuardi.

#3. Randy, Kara, Simon, Paula and Ryan. I still find it weird to have 4 judges.

Last but not least, I want to show you the slut girl in bikini who gave Kara an attitude and made out with Ryan.

#4. Tada! She had a pretty good voice. But if she didn't had an attitude, wore something appropriate and did not make out with the host the day she meets him, I would have had more respect for her.

Her reason for wearing like that is so that she could stand out. She said something along the lines of, "I can feel myself stand out among the rest already. They are all staring at me." Of course they are staring at you. You are wearing a freaking bikini!

And before she went in the room to auditioned, she told Ryan that, "If I get the golden ticket, I'm going to make out with you." Ryan answered with, "Err. I think it's against the rules" After she got her ticket, she came out saying something like, "Where is Ryan so I can make out with him." and she did.

Gosh! I don't know whether I should say that she is daring or just plain.. okay, not gonna finish the sentence there. Well, good luck to her in gaining respect because she can't pull something like a bikini stunt again during the competition.


kh said...

i have to admit she is pretty hot.. but the tan is sooooooooo obviously fake and manmade with those purple lights...

jessieloi said...


Dwee said...

I think she is too. But, I don't think she thought this thoroughly before putting on that bikini and going to her audition. Bad decision if you ask me. Haha!! You like that also can see difference ar? I don't know how to differentiate real or fake tan lo.

Yea! Such as *ahem* rite??? When she came out from the judging room and Ryan wasn't there, she went and look for him and kissed him in front of the camera. Poor Ryan. He was so lost. Didn't know what to do. Haha!!

kh said...

sure la... where got so perfect one... until her toes some more... she look so crispy and yummy... my term refers to her tan btw.... then you see the patch on her crotch beside her pantie ... and she's white in the first place la... latin people dont look like her..

unless i am wrong...

and my friend cant stop saying ryan is a homo...hahaha