Friday, January 23, 2009

A Loooooooooooooong Week

Phew! Finally the week is over. Well, not exactly over but to me.. it is! I had a crazy and stressful week. Luck wasn't even anywhere near me at all this week and here is why..


#1. Plan: Contact an actual organization to get permission to tailor all my Public Relations (PR) promotional pieces(news release, campaign plan, brochure, pitch letter, etc.) I will be working on in my PR Writing class. Doesn't sound so bad right.
Reality: Martin Luther King's day. No where is open. Damn!
Solution: Call on Tuesday and hope I could get their approval before my due date on Wed.

#2. Plan: Write a 3 pages long essay for Principles of Rhetoric and Argument due at 9:30a.m. tomorrow.
Reality: Freaking laptop crashes when I was about to start! DAMN IT!!
Solution: Stayed up till 4:30a.m. writing down my essay in note book and type in library tomorrow.


#1. Plan(day): Type essay in library at 7:30a.m., class at 9:30a.m., advisor meeting at 11a.m., watch Barack Obama's inauguration live, go shopping for Coach bag cause got sale, read book for Civic Engagement class, class at 5p.m.
Reality: Not enough freaking sleep to last the whole day!
Solution: Change of plan. Finished my essay, watch inauguration on youtube, skip shopping, fix laptop(got a new internal hard drive), contact organization and took a nice nap before class.

#2. Plan(night): Finish reading for Civic Engagement (one of the reading I had to get from the Bible =.="), watch inauguration, finish PR campaign plan and organizational summary, finish 2 pages essay, proposal for project and the inauguration report for Civic Engagement class.
Reality: Shouldn't have started with the Bible. Feel asleep before I got to the 3rd page. Didn't finish ANY of my readings. Freaking laptop got a Didn't have the disk that I needed to install the program into my laptop so that I could use my printer. Couldn't print a thing.
Solution: Woke up at 6a.m. Skim through my reading. Kinda bullshit through my essays and inauguration report. Ask roommate for printer. A tad late for my 12p.m. class but finished all assignments.


#1.Plan: Finish reading Intro to Marketing.
Reality: Fell asleep after 2 pages.
Solution: Woke up early to finish reading.


Anything planned on Wednesday did not work at all. New plan.

#1. Plan: Finish work fast so that I could finish reading before 3:30. Finish Case Study Essay before 5p.m.
Reality: Freaking hard questions and did not understood a word!!! And too sleepy to concentrate.
Solution: Reread half the chapter to understand. Was 5 minutes late again. Damn!

Friday (Today):

#1. Plan: Go to Leadership Summit(kinda like a workshop to learn how to be a leader. Had a lot of fun there!) from 10-4. Work from 4:30-10:30p.m.
Reality: Too sleepy(not cause boring but cause not enough sleep) during Leadership Summit till I was considering on walking out half way. Too freaking clumsy and too slow during work.
Solution: Kept repeating, "If you leave now, you are gonna miss out a lot" in my head. Work: Hurry the hell up!!

That pretty much sums up my week. I hope I do not get another week like that. I have a real huge problem with punctuality and sticking to my plan. I should work on that shouldn't I?

p/s: Mum, I don't think red is my lucky color anymore. I have been wearing something red ALL WEEK and this happened. You have to check on that again. Haha!

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