Monday, January 12, 2009


I am such a klutz that it is not even funny anymore.

For some reason, I keep cutting myself. I have a total of 3 cuts now. Got them like souvenirs of the day or something. I even got them 3 days in a row!

#1. I got this on Friday at work while I was cleaning.

#2. Got this on Saturday while I was in the shower. God knows how I got this.

The good thing is, it is not noticeable cause it is covered when I wear my pants. The bad thing is..

#3. hurts when I am studying cause I usually lie on my bed like this to study.

#4. It is as if my body wants me to show off these souvenirs I get. So, somehow I ran into the door today(Sunday) at work and got this.

I wonder what other souvenirs I will get tomorrow.


Yup! Life is out to get me. As expected, I got another cut today.

#5. Can you see that? Not as big as the others but a cut nonetheless. Got this when I was trying to grab something out from my bag. My finger ran across the edge of the file and viola.. a cut. It sucks because it is like a paper cut and it hurts like hell!


jessieloi said...

tsk tsk tsk.

are you sure its not karma coming back to get you? hahahaha.

Dwee said...

Then this karma is dragging on for too long. I am going to end up like I've been in a fight or something by the time I get back to Malaysia.