Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Second day of Spring '09

Honestly, it wasn't as bad as yesterday.

Had trouble getting up early in the morning though cause the class was at 9:30a.m. I had to wake up at 8:30a.m. to take a shower and get ready.

I think the professors this semester are out to get me/us(students) because this is the freaking first week of class and we already have essays, quizzes, reading assignments due the next class. Damn!

I was kinda sorta unlucky. Or maybe I am lucky. I don't know.

What happened was, I tried to act smart in my Intro to Marketing class today.

#1. Part of my Intro to Marketing class. See my prof. there? He is the one in orange.

When my prof. asked who read Chapter 1 before coming to class. I pandai pandai go raise my hand when I only read less than half the chapter. There were several other students besides myself who did raised their hands too but out of the freaking 50-60 students in the crowd, he spotted me. I wasn't even trying to stand out or anything. My hand was barely off the table when I raised it. I swear!

Then I knew I was in trouble. Cause he said he want to memorize everyone's names, so he went around the class taking down our last names. After that, when he started his lecture, guess what? The very first question he asked, he freaking calls on me. Double damn! I wasn't even looking at him.

Thank god I got it right. If not I would be so embarrassed. My roommate, Michelle said that at least I left a good impression. But doesn't that mean I will HAVE to keep up that good impression?

Note to self: Read the freaking chapters before class!!

Went to dinner with my dad after class. He saved my life cause I didn't have anything else to eat besides cereals, cookies and bread.

We went to pay our phone bill at AT&T first..

#2. AT&T. Better than Wan Kit's Verizon. Hehe!!

#3. We were looking at the iphones. My 2-year contract has expired, so I can sign another contract and maybe get another phone for free. ^^

..then we went to P.F. Chang's.

#4. P.F. Chang's outside.

#5. A glimpse of what it looks like on the inside. Pretty high class-y kind.

#6. Failed attempt to take a pic so self. Recently, I've been having prob keeping my hands steady. Need more practice.

#7. Dad and I.

#8. Out appetizer, steamed Peking Dumplings. Usually we don't order appetizers, but I was starving.

#9. Dad.

#10. Apparently, first pic not nice wor. So, have to take another one. LOLX!

#11. Finally, the classic restroom pic. Since no Jess or Xin Min to ss with me, I have to ss myself.

That's about it. Have 3 classes tomorrow but at least I don't have to wake up till 10a.m. which is good. Need to go study now. Got at least 4 reading assignment (6 chapters) to read by tomorrow. Hopefully I can keep everything on track this sem.

I know my posts have been a little boring, but bare with me. I don't have much a life here, so this is the best I can offer in the mean time.

I really wonder, do you actually read every single thing I write in here, word for word??

p/s: Friend at work have been asking me to go over his place for a cook out with my other co-workers. Just to eat and hang out. Should I go?


jessieloi said...

eh your lecturer looks like mr kang from that angle in your picture. hahahhaa.

and your dad actually camwhores with yoU!!

Dwee said...

Really?? But he is not half bald yet wor. LOLX!!

Yea. My dad's pretty vain. But not very obvious one. Maybe I should call it sporting la, not vain. Hehe!