Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Good God!

Oh my goodness!! Did any of you see the American Idol newest season?

It seems like there is a new judge. I find it kinda weird to see an additional member at the judge panel, but maybe I am just not use to her yet. At least, Paula now has a girl friend.

I have to say though, the contestants are getting younger and younger. Most of them are like 16. I think it is because of David Archuleta. Don't get me wrong. I LOVE David Archuleta. I'm just saying that people must have think that since there is a 16/17 years old guy making it to the top 2, they might make it too.

Many of the young ones were good though. I like the kid who makes his own horror film, the guy who is really big but had a fantastic voice and the guy with the impaired eyesight.

One girl was kinda a slut though. I don't want to sound mean or anything, but coming in to an audition in your bikini is not the best way to win people's respect. And it is definitely not the way to win one of the judges' respect by saying that she sucked. And to make out with Ryan, the host of the show. Yea, I'm sure she will earn some "respect."

Anyway, I'm looking forward to the next episode tomorrow.


kh said...

i dont watch it... i think its a scam... what happened to the previous winners like sandwich and underpants??

jessieloi said...


who in the world is sandwich and underpants?

oh wait are you referring to Carrie Underwood?

She's extremely successful now! I love her!

i have no idea who sandwich refers to lol.

Dwee said...

LOLXXX!!! Who the hell is sandwich and underpants????

Why scam? I kinda like it cause you get to see.. err.. (what is the other word for amateur?).. beginners attempt to sing! Ridiculously hilarious.

Muahahaha!! I get to watch it again today. I can keep you updated on it if you want. I can even post a pic of the ahemslutahem.. i mean, girl in the bikini to.

LOLXXX!!! How in the world did you associate underpants with Underwood???? =.="

kh said...

dunno their names la... er... sandwich is that black guy... *google* ... its ruben studdard...not sandwich...lololol....

and ya... carrie underwood ... underpants was started by my friend...blame him... he's the one who keeps talking about that archuleta fella so indirectly i know archuleta also...

oh then there's fantasia ...fun-ta-see-ah ... where are they?! ... see its a scam!...lol

haaa?? now season 8 already???.... i am so... outdated...

and i even thought that archuleta fella was the winner in the previous season...