Friday, January 9, 2009

Suddenly felt so blessed

I have been having the best two days in a row: yesterday(01/07) and today(01/08).

Yesterday, I was really suppose to be studying. I had to read two chapters and write two essays. I was so desperate motivated to finish my homework and go to bed before 2a.m. that I chose not to go to the gym with Michelle(roommate/great friend) and Alyssa(classmate/work friend/great friend) or watch anime.

Unfortunately, when they got back from the gym, I was persuaded to study outside in the living room area while they have their dinner. Michelle had a friend over and did not want to be alone with him. So, Alyssa and I were suppose to accompany her. Bad idea. Did not do a thing but chat, laugh and gossip.

I kept saying that I had to study but I put action into those words. I was just having too much fun. Tiffany joined us after her cheerleading practice.

Oh! Have you seen Tiffany, my other roommate?

#1. Tada! Michelle and Tiffany.

As I was saying, Tiffany came home from cheerleading practice. The five of us, were talking and laughing like crazy. Actually, Michelle, Tiffany, Alyssa and I talked. Michelle's friend just sat there and listened. Poor guy.

Then Eugene(don't think this is how he spells his name), my RA came along. Gossiping and chatting lead to him teaching me geography and history cause I sucked at it. They were talking about Russia, South America and some other places. But I had no clue where anything is besides Malaysia, Singapore and America. I didn't even knew what Hitler did. In my opinion, he did a great job explaining and would make one hell of a history teacher one day.

#2. This was what Michelle was doing during our chatting session. She is a clean freak. When she sees something dirty, she HAVE to clean it.

Alyssa, Eugene, and Michelle's friend didn't leave till around 12 in the morning. Made my roommates take a picture with me in our going-to-bed-soon looks.

#3. Me, Tiffany, Michelle and Lizzie.Finally I got the whole group. They seriously are great roommates.

Didn't start studying till 12:20a.m.. I took 5 hours to complete one reading assignment and one essay that was due at 9:30a.m.. Went to bed at 5a.m. Seriously against it cause I have been sleeping before 2a.m. for 5 days now. Totally ruined my record.

Anyway, I had another reading assignment and essay due at 5p.m., so I took whatever time I had left to study for it. I studied when I was in the shuttle, during my morning class, when I was at work. Anywhere and whenever I had the time. I finished in time even though I was a tad bit late for my class. Everything turned out alright in the end.

I thought I was going to sleep once I got back from class but ended up watching college football with Michelle in her room. According to her, it is the National Championship or something. All it is to me is football. At least I learned the game today.

Quite interesting, especially when it was University of Florida, Gators team vs. Oklahoma University. Michelle was going crazy with screaming of frustration and/or joy. Gators won 24:14. Wohoo! Go Gators! We are planning to buy their Gators shirt when they come out this weekend.

#4. Me ss-ing in Michelle's during commercial breaks.

#5. Florida vs. Oklahoma. Go Gators!

#6. Us getting ready to go to Publix for cookie dough during the game's half time.

During a commercial break, Michelle suddenly decided that she wanted to make cookies. She only had one cookie mix but she misread the instructions on the back of the packet. Instead of putting only half a cup of water into the mix, she poured in 1 1/2. She was too in a rush I guess.

End result: Too diluted and couldn't be used anymore.

So, we took advantage of half time and rushed to Publix (another supermarket like Giant or Target) to get another one.

#7. Publix

#8. Michelle in a rush.





Anyway, if you noticed the shirt she was wearing, it was one of the Gators shirt. If you didn't, the sales manager surely did. When Michelle was paying for the cookie mix, they gave her a FREE cake.

#13. F for Florida with a 'football' next to it.

We were so lucky! The thing was, they were closing since it was around 9:40p.m. at that time (they close at 10p.m.). Since they had some cake left, they were going to throw it away cause they can't keep it for too long. So, they decided to give it to Michelle, seeing that she is a Florida fan.

#14. Michelle was so happy that every time she sees the cake, she goes, "I can't believe I got the cake for free!"

#15. It was delicious. Would have been perfect if icing wasn't too sweet.



Several days ago, my Honors Program sent me an email to me saying that I have to drop by the office because they wanted to give me something. The first thought that crossed my mind was, "Did I do something wrong?" Couldn't think of a thing and certainly wasn't expecting that that was the thing they were gonna give me.

I cannot believe they've picked my as one of the two person entitle to this thing out of the many other students. I am so grateful for it. I really really appreciate it. Thank you so much!

I also just found out today that, I.. let me quote the email.

"..have been selected to represent the students of the Honors Program on a panel that will discuss the future places for an event center to be built onto the Honors Hall."

I do not know to be really happy or be terrified. When Dr. Kelly told me that he and Carey picked me for that thing because they see potential in me and I have been pretty active, I was happy of course, but I also felt nervous and a bit terrified.

I am not telling all this to brag or anything. I am just wondering, this is a good thing right? I am feeling more pressure though. Not that he intended on putting any. I just do not want to let him down when he has such high expectations.

The good part is, this definitely motives me to study harder because I kinda get rewards(big or small) in the most surprising ways and times from time to time. Self satisfaction being one of it.

A quote that my Intro to Marketing teacher said that had me thinking.

"If you don't know where to go, ... "

Okay, I want to ask a favor from you. Can you please tell me what you think the next part of that quote is? Leave your answer in the comment box k? Please. I really wanna know what you think. Even if you are just a silent reader who don't usually leave comments or anything, just answer this question k? Thanks.

You guys suck. Anyway, the answer to that quote is,

"If you don't know where to go, any road will take you there."

Don't you find that motivating. I did. The best thing is, this applies almost to everything. Seriously. Sit down and think about your life and where you are heading. Makes you realize a lot.


jessieloi said...

omg the cake's colour is soooo bright. but its free!! so nice of the guy!

and congrats for being selected!

Dwee said...

Haha!! It was huge too. I think the sales manager was a girl. Hehe!!

Thanks! ^^

jessieloi said...

i just realised something. the football at the side of the cake is not cake


Dwee said...

Haha! How did you notice that through the picture? I didn't noticed it till I touched it. Hehe!